Hi, I’m Ice Survivor in Club Penguin. I usually wear a Blue Jacket, 3d glasses, Blue baseball cap, electric guitar, and a blue scarf. Tell a little about yourself on this page. What you wear, what club your in if you’re in a club. Stuff like that.

have fun! :mrgreen: Ice Survivor :mrgreen:



340 Responses to “About”

  1. I usaully wear the black hoodie,the jingle bell shoes,the red vest,the striped tie and the 1# anniversary of the coffee shop hat. My friend wears the life jacket,the brown shoes and the electric guitar. We always go in snowshoe in the Canadian server. Meet us there sometimes! Ok?? 😀

  2. Ok hey! cool outfits! I’ll try to meet you sometime. I’ll probably be in the town. or something. I’ll try to go on today at like 4:00 Eastern Standard time U.S.. Happy Blogging dude!

  3. ok im on snoeshoe in the town come find me when availible.

  4. just to tell ya. Its 4:00 so say something back whether you can or can’t

  5. im on right now its 4:21

  6. oh for me its now 4:26.

  7. penguinhacker Says:

    im usally an elf

  8. penguinhacker Says:


  9. oh ok. Ive been lazy and havent bought anything in the christmas clothing catalog

  10. yeah i am great COOL SITE ICE

  11. ok hey keyblader.

  12. Shippo8263 Says:

    Hi i’m Shippo8263. I go on Clubpenguin, i like going into mamoth (USA). I usally where a pink hoddie, a blue vicking helemnt, bunny slippers and a yellow scarf. I knoe a little of the secerts. Mi penguin is 256 days old. I have 36 buddies. I want 2 meet Billybob and the other moredotres. Mi ferind is ferinds with rnisal. She told me all the secerts. There is going 2 b lots of cool stuff going 2 happen at the christmas party. I am ferinds with lots of ppl. I like dogs and wolves. i have a dog named Woody. Well i g2g cya.

  13. icesurvivor its me slushy1092

  14. Shippo8263 Says:

    i dont think he is on.

  15. oh cool. You found the site too. How did you find out. Oh i guess its because every one has a wordpress blog.

  16. im always on most of the time.

  17. Shippo8263 Says:

    o i thought u werent on.

  18. Shippo8263 Says:

    Hey Icesurvivor go and look in the Meet.

  19. Shippo8263 Says:

    Hey Icesuviour have u met Swick33?

  20. hey icesurvivor
    you here?

  21. its slushy1092 you there ice

  22. hey icesurvivor want me to post some glitches and stuff?

  23. How do u do smiley faces???????

  24. icesurvivor i just got a brand new glitch I think no one knows of!!!!

  25. ice are you on plz post!!!

  26. Shippo8263 Says:

    i think he is playing clubpenguin.

  27. shippo

  28. shippo are you on ices site?

  29. if u are plz post

  30. Shippo8263 Says:

    I am on his site wat do u want.


  32. ok ppost some secrets and glicthes.

  33. Shippo8263 Says:

    i cant do them ethier.

  34. hey u are on

  35. Shippo8263 Says:

    o hi Icesurvivor

  36. ice u on now

  37. Shippo8263 Says:

    hey Hi do u go on Clubpenguin?

  38. Shippo8263 Says:

    Ice? u there

  39. Shippo8263 Says:

    Guys u there if u r plz post?

  40. Shippo8263 Says:


  41. Shippo8263 Says:

    OMG!!! where r u guys?

  42. im here

  43. yes i do go on clubpenguin!

  44. ok you guys are posting fast l0l.

  45. shippo want to meet me on clubpenguin?

  46. ice plz tell me how to make some smily faces

  47. ice i have finished the movie!!!!

  48. now shippo is not on or ice come on

  49. im alone posting like crazy

  50. im going to leave if no one posts

  51. BYE BYE

  52. free sigs here if u post i will give you one!

  53. can i have my free sig?

  54. thank u

  55. ice u still there

  56. ok ice i will give u ur sig

  57. so how do i get my sig?

  58. ice first tell me how to make smily faces!!

  59. i need to make it!!

  60. ice plz tell me how to make smilys

  61. ok but ill e mail you all the smileys

  62. ice i realyy want to make smilys plz tell me

  63. wait ice this is a fake email

  64. i don’t want everyone knowing how to do them. But your my friend on cp and i have to respect that.

  65. ice what combinations do u do to make smileys

  66. well. Im only e mailing them to you and shippo wants you in the plaza in mammoth now.

  67. o i cant

  68. tell him i go on in the morning

  69. ice go on tommorow morning on mamoth i will be on

  70. ice u know how i walk on lightbulb i can tell u how

  71. i can’t go on in the morning. BUt can i have my sig?

  72. I am Trying every key cambination

  73. why cant u go on in morning that stinks

  74. o u r sig that will take a bit i have no idea how to give it to u on this site

  75. Shippo8263 Says:

    hi i cant go on the morning ethier.

  76. ice tell me how to make smileys on cp it will be easy

  77. Shippo8263 Says:

    hi he logged off.

  78. shippo the best time i can go on is on friday afternoon or morning

  79. shippo what is u r name in cp

  80. Shippo8263 Says:


  81. i want to be the number 100 post on this

  82. shippo are u on? u are not that stinks

  83. can’t u go on at 2: 45

  84. how do you make a sig?

  85. shippo’s name in cp is shippo

  86. i am on.

  87. no its Shippo8263.

  88. ^ ^
    —– yay my on smiley

  89. and hi i am a girl

  90. i can go on at the earliest on mon. thru thurs. is 5:00. on fri. i can go on at 4:00 maybe.

  91. to make a sig u need to have adobe

  92. let me try that ^^

  93. i will go on at any time that u can go on

  94. hi wats ur name in clubpenguin.

  95. i go on at 2:45

  96. * *
    ! i make cool symbols

  97. my name is Slushy1092

  98. how about 2:45

  99. ok

  100. ok. do you need adobe flash player because i have that.

  101. is 2:45 good 4 u guys?

  102. yay there is more then 100 posts and i am nuber 100

  103. adobe 6.0

  104. well

  105. or adobe flash player is fine

  106. 2:45 on friday?

  107. WAT ABOUT 2:45????

  108. YES

  109. ok i have adobe flash player. now what.

  110. in the afternoon.

  111. i post to fats sorry

  112. guys i g2g ill b bak on later.

  113. cya

  114. get a picture of u r penguin

  115. bye Ice bye Hi

  116. then u can make backrounds anything u want

  117. huh

  118. ok can i have adobe 8.0?

  119. who me?

  120. bye u guys

  121. shippo call me slushy

  122. sure 8.0 is fine too

  123. bye shippo

  124. ice make a smiley crying

  125. ice can u make a smiley that is playing the drums

  126. ok how do i make a screenshot?

    alt+Prt Scrn

    ❓ ❓

  127. cool plz just say it how to do it

  128. no i cant make a druming smilie.

  129. what is
    alt+Prt Scrn

  130. how do i make a screenshot?

  131. just tell me how to make a smiley face thats all no one is on right now

  132. to make a screen shot u need to have a screen shot maker

  133. ok ill tell you one of them. its: :+D without the plus


  134. whats a screenshot maker?

  135. i want a smiley real bad

  136. it wont work

  137. hi guys.

  138. ::D::D::D

  139. shippo make a smily face

  140. i made it yay 😀

  141. ok. how do i see my screenshot.
    i took one.

  142. look it up on google it will tell u 😀

  143. :O awsome

  144. :G :H :J :K :L :Z :X

  145. ok. i loked. it said that you press alt+Prt Scrn/Sys Rq.

  146. 😀 :C :X :V :B :N ::M

  147. yup thats wright

  148. ice by the way i wan t this 😀 to be sad

  149. ok. It said something about a clipboard.

  150. ok that would be :+cry+: without the pluses.

  151. :Q :W :E :R :T :Y :T :U :I :O 😛 ice i post to fast is that bad?

  152. 😛 😀 :N :B :V :C i found more smilys yay

  153. ok um where do screenshots get stored?

  154. 😥

  155. yay! i did it

  156. how do u do the happy one

  157. you know the happy ones

  158. :Q :W :E :R :T :Y :U :I :O 😛 :A :S 😀 :F :G :H :J :K :L :Z :X :C :V :B :N :M
    sorry for posting so fast ice nice smily face on the verry bottom of u r website

  159. no i dont

  160. I want a cool avatar.

  161. :! :@ :$ :% :^ :& :* yup!!!

  162. ok u know how to make them :~

  163. shippo watch this 😀 😛

  164. :+

  165. kool

  166. nothing it does nothing :+ i most be a happy person because i only know smileys

  167. no smlies are with plus.

  168. so its : ) without the space.

  169. guys im 😥

  170. 🙂

  171. ice it does nothing :+ 🙂 :_ icesurvivor it is a cool name

  172. ok im 🙂

  173. how do u do the 1 when u r reall y happy?

  174. SHIPPO HOw did u do sad plz plz tell me!!!! :_ 😀 😛

  175. really happy is : P 😛

  176. :P: :D: 🙂

  177. these are all the ones i know 😛 :_ 😀 🙂

  178. can we chat in the chat page?

  179. with the space

  180. yah im kinda getting bored with the about.

  181. its kinda starange

  182. im going 2 the chat


  184. 😛

  185. I wear a blue viking helmet
    a red vest a blue scarf black
    shoes ski goggles and a guitar

  186. I am often on Grizzly. I wear a variety of clothing.

    😉 🙂 😀

  187. Oh, and I like smilies 🙂

  188. Not that I know a lot. 😦 But I try 😀
    I wonder if I try it this way… :C

  189. It won’t work 😦

  190. :K

  191. 😦 I’m sad. Ican’t do smilies.

  192. }:|

  193. No can do

  194. =( :E 😛 :B

  195. K(

  196. KI

  197. 3|

  198. Why don’t I just give up?

  199. what THE!!! why is there so many posts/

  200. :Q :W :E :R :T :Y :U :I :O 😛

  201. kool i did it 😛

  202. :A :S :S 😀 :F :G :H :H :J :K :L

  203. :Z :X :C :V :V :B :N :B :N :M

  204. :! :@ :# :# :$ :% :^ :^ :& :* :* (

  205. : p

  206. any 1 on?

  207. :A:W:E:R:T:Y:U:I:O

  208. :p

  209. im usually on mammoth server
    n i weara:
    litehouse t shirt
    sometime i may
    wear a
    blue face paint
    eye patch
    or an ice skates

    🙂 WADDLE ON! 🙂

  210. any 1 on

  211. estermanelliot Says:

    hi people i know icesurvivor on my buddylist haha you dont hahah

  212. i do and dont laugh thats mean 2 the orther 1’s thats mean. 😡

  213. i do and dont laugh thats mean 2 the orther 1’s . 😡

  214. estermanelliot Says:

    ok your right shippo and i know riptide 10 riptide28 and coonnor something i forgot ok> thanks fo telling me that shippo

  215. if you want a money cheat go to http://www.cpcheatnet.com/cheatsforclubpenguin. P.S you have to download WPE file in order to work.

  216. Rocky Waddle Says:


  217. Rocky Waddle Says:


  218. Rocky Waddle Says:

    =( :E :B 😀

  219. hi everyone i love club penguin! does any1 here like the sims2 game? i have a website all about it and a lot of cheats! come to my site pleez! it’s– robinrox.wordpress.com– come to my site pleez!

  220. p.s i’m not the hi from the posts above

  221. Rocky Waddle Says:

    :A :B :C 😀 :E :F :G :H :I :J :K :L :M
    :N :O 😛 :Q :R :S :T :U :V :W :X :Y

  222. Froznyogurt Says:

    Hi ice soulviver I saw u be4 yeah and u saw me i no that im froznyogurt in it i wear a ghost costume a pirate hat a pirate eye patch clown shoes back pack and a magic wand and im always in mammoth!!!!!))(((

  223. Rocky Waddle Says:

    Oh, by the way, right now at 4:32pm, I’m going to be on Club Penguin until 5:10pm ok! So if you want to see me, I’m on the Slushy server in America. You can go to my igloo. It’s on the map. My name is Rocky Waddle. Good-bye for now!

  224. Rocky Waddle Says:


  225. Wobblyman (INC) Says:


  226. 😛 🙂 😀

  227. :~ :! :@ :# :$ :% :^ :^ :& :* 😦 🙂 :- ;= :+

  228. Luna Lovey Says:

    Hey in club penguin my name is Luna Lovey so meet me sometime!! I am usually in Husky in the America server. Love ya’!

  229. missytessie Says:

    im missy tessie i usually wear the blue cheerleading outfit with blue earmuffs and scarf with the black sneakers i usualy go in blizzard in american server come find me

  230. hi ice
    im a nonmember so i dont hav much
    i usualy were a litehouse shirt, a red cap or a santa hat, a blue lei or wisle, skates, ad face paint

    u should no that since im ur buddy

  231. Yoyogrumpyr Says:


  232. i am the leader of cpc…i am not a member so i just wear a bandana

  233. I wear the blue lei suede jacket cowboy boots Hockey stick black mask and a jester hat (outfit normally changes but i switch back to that)

  234. forestfriend Says:

    yo homie ice survivor waz up in da house yo forestfriend here yall
    just wanted to say hi:)

  235. Hi Ice Survivor. I go on club penguin quite a bit. My username is Icyfire14. You can find me in Blizzard [USA] or when its full I go on Powder ball and if thats full i go on Belly Slide [England?] Idk. But for everyone on here i have the most AWESOME secrets. I know how to get the big screen,magenta scarf, cheats,etc. So if anyone wants to know secrets just ask me. I will come on later today so.. And by the way I think your site is really cool. Try and meet me when you get a chance. I wear [usually] a black hoodie,tiara, and magenta scarf. I wil most likely be light green, or black. Cya there!

  236. ice survivor, just say were shall we meet what server my name is kevin nolan

    Editors Comment: Mammoth in the dock. That ok for you?

  237. hey ice surviver my name is ben benster and if u c me plz be my buddy i normally wear black and green electric guitar golden viking helmet black hoodie blue sneakers and maybe the pearl necklace thankyou bye

  238. im usually orange with a black hoodie and cowboy boots and i usually wear snow goggles with a blue scarf in the winter.and i cant garuntee what ill have on my head.

  239. 🙂

  240. 😦

  241. :crying:

  242. :laughing:

  243. I usally wear the clown wig, purple hoodie, red and yell0w striped tie, and the black shoes, i also wear the red sunglasses

  244. yey 271 comment lol

  245. i know a lot more smileys
    😉 🙂 😦 😛 😀

  246. icy eve Says:

    Hi im icy eve and I usually wear a black hoodie, pink scarf,headphones,black shoes and a red electric guitar.

    Thats me!

  247. Ferrari2005 Says:


  248. Ferrari2005 Says:


  249. Ferrari2005 Says:


  250. Ferrari2005 Says:


  251. Ferrari2005 Says:


  252. Ferrari2005 Says:


  253. Ferrari2005 Says:


  254. Ferrari2005 Says:


  255. Ferrari2005 Says:


  256. Ferrari2005 Says:


  257. Ferrari2005 Says:


  258. cubicle cube Says:


  259. cubicle cube Says:


  260. cubicle cube Says:

    🙂 👿 🙄 ❓ ❗ 😎 😮

  261. cubicle cube Says:


  262. my name is mikeyy99 and im mad 😥

  263. Pinkicuti123 Says:

    hey i usally wear a spring dress bunny basket flip flopz star neklace earmuffs and the snoflake mask.im usally im downunder (last flag) snow drift (third flag) and Aurora(second flag).My name is pinkicuti123.my igloo is usaly on the map so CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! See ya there!

  264. bones979 Says:

  265. hey guys my penguin name is egrodo and i am usualy on watever server is the littlest croded i usualy were the pirate costume(i am a cp pirate)or a black sweater black sneatkers a puffle bandana and eletrick gutar see yha there!

  266. Austinfff Says:

    what is orange emers email

  267. Conker1127 {club penguin} Says:

    Hey next time you get on club penguin check your buddy list im your buddy my names Conker1127 I got you on my buddy list as skull face72 you got camoflauge background baloon pin party hat hula lei striped shirt there that proves it although ive never seen you actually on club penguin oh well

  268. Point It Out Says:

    im on right now its 4:54

  269. Austin827 Says:

    my name is Austin827I usualy wear a santa clos hat

  270. nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  271. e

  272. how did u get ur clubpenguin picture

  273. :grin::grin::grin::grin: grin::grin::grin::grin: grin::grin::grin::grin:

  274. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  275. :weird:


  276. 🙂 😦 :ZZZ:

  277. (_l_)

  278. ppohghgg,fopkboop

  279. Fizzieme Says:

    ok, every one is, well, uh… never mind i forgot

  280. doodhjk Says:

    hey my name is doodhjk i usally wear a blue baseball cap and a black hoodie black sneakers and a pendent (well….. not always)

  281. sdszfdgandamahighs Says:


  282. sdszfdgandamahighs Says:


  283. sdszfdgandamahighs Says:


  284. Jake (penguin name Kevin Nolan) Says:

    hi this is kevin nolan

    i no redman157 he is ma buddy do u want to be my buddy to im normaly at frozen or mammoth i noremaly where this ghost shiet with red hat red electric guitar and yellor scaref

  285. Jake (penguin name Kevin Nolan) Says:

    hi again
    i just saw the message i wrote a year ago we shalll meet cause i didnt meet you ill be at dock tomorrow morning of the 4 of augest at 9:30 at dock mammoth

  286. Jake (penguin name Kevin Nolan) Says:

    hi it jake aginnnn
    i meeen augest the 6th not the 4th the 5th

  287. hi this is weird but how do you get the Pink Hoddie When its not in the catalog any more?

  288. yo yo yo

  289. 🙄

  290. HI! I usually wear the Astro Barrier T-shirt with the black eletric gutair with the black sneakers and the red or blue viking helmet I’ll be in Matterhorn room on the American Server for probably an hour if you want to meet me and tell me if you read this so i’ll know you wanted to meet me. I WANT FANS!!!! lol he but seriously tell me if you read this

  291. oh ya nad one more thing i’ll be waiting in the town!!!

  292. plz help me give hints on how to work my sight


  294. i changed now I am mostly wearing the alien outfit and a wizerd hat and a cape and a wand and pirate boots

  295. Chick Whisperer Says:

    How come what I’m typin isn’t showin up??

  296. ninja swift Says:

    i usually wear nothing im just a black penguin yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  297. Aishah123 Says:

    I usually wear a black sweater, crown, and a blue scarf! But I change a lot. Oh and I’m a pink penguin!

  298. Ola web blog proprietario, ouvir, que voce tem fb pagina de fas? eu havia sido procura visitar seu blog com o titulo nome para uma relativa nao poderia.Encontrar uma Eu realmente gosto para se transformar em um fa! Realmente eu amo como o tiroteio aqui. Eu estou gastando muito tempo mensais em fazer para criar meus reflexos afiados.

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