Ask Me Privatly

I’ve decided, its time for me to go. I’ll check here maybe every month, but for now on, I’m leaving this blog. I have my other life too. If anyone wishes to talk to me, you just fill out this form, ok? Easy as that.

And before you leave this blog, if you haven’t already, I’m opening up a club penguin page on very soon for everyone. I don’t care if this blog was the 35th best blog on wordpress.’s club penguin pages will be there forever, and the best, you’ll see me around again.
Good Bye,

Ice Survivor


72 Responses to “Ask Me Privatly”

  1. hi its dom.plz visit to hear youre leaving

  2. why are yo doing this man

  3. huhpat Says:

    ill miss you a lot Ice Survivor but you can get unbanned! I got unbanned!

  4. chris50 Says:


  5. May 11, 2007 is the best day ever! April 13, 2007 is the worst day ever!

  6. If you ever get unbanned…

  7. britose Says:


  8. britose Says:

    it is posible to tip the burg

  9. britose Says:

    ive done before but it takes the right people and ALOT of coroperation trust me

  10. britose Says:

    for those of u other penguins that want to know what its like well its not what any of u would probely expect but u dont get any coins or anything but but but the good thing is the burg flips over and sinks in the flash of an eye and before u no it ur walking on water but like 1 min later u just automaticly poof to the beach

  11. Tyboy000 Says:

    ya in ur little world britose

  12. ”mrgreen”

  13. wheres the gold viking hat

  14. wheres the glod viking hat

  15. boom ckicka ligga ligga boom!

  16. maddenplayer Says: visit it and i’ll give you 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 coins

  17. maddenplayer Says:


  18. Tyboy000 Says:


  19. huh? why are you talking about pie?



  22. your the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest

  23. i lllllllllllllllllove you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. yuk! love your self!!!!bye!)(uhh bye!)

  25. here is the new cp trainer 3 just download it and have fun!

  26. oohps here it is have fun with it people and its for non members too!

  27. answer my qustion

  28. detroit870 Says:


  29. peter jungsberger Says:

    you should make a game that gives you 1 million coins

  30. stevn rauchbach Says:

    you should make so that you can sell wat you do not want to have anymore


  32. Diegorocks87 Says:

    Wow how do u get 2 be a clubpenguin ninja??

  33. Max1234 Says:


  34. Glitch Master Says:

    you cant become a ninja
    its a hack that people use

  35. PIE

  36. PIE NOW!

  37. yo any one out their

  38. guys,seriously,u all sound funni….uhh pie?hi hi hi hi hi???u all realize u make a great group,and all that,but uhh u just sound kinda weird….

  39. well im sorry,lol….i know im kinda mean… that was my freinds name,denita,i meant to use this one:brianna45

  40. i realize dat….

  41. soo umm….anyone their?

  42. charlie3432 Says:

    W00T W00T 50 COMMENT

  43. flaminfiya Says:


  44. flaminfiya Says:


  45. 53

  46. im confused!!

  47. I know where the silver surfoard is

  48. visit http://www.ceciley.wordpress and I will tell you anything even who I have a crush on.. it starts with a ”R” I know where the silver surfoard is too!

  49. how can u screen capture ur penguin tell me please

  50. What are you talking about :~)


  52. I’ll miss you but anyone can visit my wordpress website here it is ok bye,

  53. helpingclubpenguin Says:


    I just found a cool website witch gives you 100,000 free coins
    and it doubles your membership! unfortunately it only works
    for members 😦 but it does work cause i have loads of coins
    and unlimited membership now.

    Check it out on

    Club Penguin Helper

  54. your secrets are realy cool! everything that you write is true!

  55. why are you leaving this blog?

  56. hey I found site on the enternet that is about getting a free membership but I dont care about it because im already a member well tata for now!

  57. hey waz up you should go check some youtube clips of clubpenguin its so awsome! once they showed plenty of awsome cheats like special dances without any clothes but the worst thing is is that it doesent work! BYE BYE!!!

  58. dude did you know there is a contest. P.S im a member .

  59. Ace Site plz visit mine at

  60. Please Dont Leave! I Love This Site! I Always Come Here Plus i dont no how to be a ninja so please dont leave. This site is the best! and we all need u to help us with are chets so pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Stay, We need Help.
    -I Love You

  61. Anonymous Says:


  62. come come COME BACK

  63. yo plz dont leave

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