Igloo Contests

In one of my last posts, I said I would make a page called “Igloo Contests”. It’s here! Me, Billgreen, Burgers Rule, or Cfai Unknown will always make a new theme on Saturdays. Below is the theme. This is how it goes:

1. You enter the contest by submitting your igloo to me at icesurvivor123@yahoo.com.

2. The workers at this site look at all the igloos carefully, checking for creativity, space, and special items.

3. We choose THREE winners each week. 

It’s as easy as that.


These are the prizes:

3rd Place gets: 2,000 coins

2nd Place gets: 5,000 coins

And 1st Place gets: 10,000 coins!!!


The prizes are optional to people who don’t want to give me their password. However, anyone who wants the prizes, e-mail me their Username and Password to icesurvivor123@yahoo.com. You can change your pass right after I get you coins. And if your not sure, just ask anyone whos user I’ve gone on. It’s totally safe.



This weeks theme is: … Electronics!


Good luck to everyone who enters, and if you don’t like your igloo, then wait til’ next week for a theme that might suite you better.

You have until next Saturday.


Enter – You never know!


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