Be Cool Hi. Im starting a club. If you want to join, I’ll be in mammoth at whenever wherever. The club is a club where you star in one of my movies and I’ll put it on my video website Meetings are at Innerporsche’s igloo at Sunday’s at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard time. I might not get to every meeting. Check here every saturday atleast to see if i can attend the meeting.  Just answer these questions and you’re in! 🙂

question #1: Why do you want to be in the club?

Question #2: How often do you think you would be on?

question #3: Are you a member or a non-member?

question #4: Will you  be able to attend most meetings?

Answer these questions in a comment below and you’re in! :mrgreen:

For Any Club Related Things, Just Email Me At or


469 Responses to “Club”

  1. Clubpenguinwitdusty is in our club. congratz!

  2. I am? Sweet!

    #1: The camera loves me, I’m a member and I have all the clothes except 2 in the catalogue
    #2: Almost all the time
    #3: A member mentioned in #1
    #4: Oh yeah! (except on Christmas)

    Head investigator of the CPR 8)

  3. ok cool. Um you have EVERY item? thats great! Um i kinda busy this weekend. Maybe we could start doing it next weekend. I’ll see because if you checked your site i said i have to go to NYC as well to do stuff. i see you figured out how to do this smiley.


  4. ok. what server will we usually go on?

    Head investigator of the CPR 8)


  5. ok we will always go on mammoth if thats ok for you. Mammoth is the coolest i think because it has icy fresh and those people on the server.

  6. remember answer the questions or i wont let you in. And can i be in the CPR ❓

  7. penguinhacker Says:

    i want to be in the club because i have never got to do anything fun on clubpenguin.

    I am usally on like every day.

    i am a member

    i will attend all meetings

  8. penguinhacker Says:

    can i please be in the club 🙄

  9. ok welcome to the site. youre in!

    people in club
    Ice Survivor (me)
    People In The Club:

  10. penguinhacker Says:

    ty icesurvior i dont know how to thank you

  11. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? wird

  12. ok hi mattey97 wana join?

  13. #1 I want to meet new friends

    #2 Every Friday,Saturday,Sunday, and Holidays

    #3 A member

    #4 Since they are at Sunday 5.00 p.m. easterean time
    i’ll proboaly be at every one

    Can I be in?

  14. estermanelliot Says:

    hey icesurvivor meet me at mmammoth at december6 2006 at the town i am rich in reality and i star in 10 real movies i can make club penguin in the movie theathers in 3d okokok

  15. elliotesterman Says:

    oh yeah can i join your club

  16. elliotesterman Says:

    i will be on this website everyday

  17. ok sounds good. just answer the questions first and i’ll let you in

  18. ok now give me your e-mail if your in the club and ill tell you the pass to the ” Rules of ze club ” page.

  19. estermanelliot Says:

    hey icesurvivor my email is okok do you get a prize if you join

    EDITORS COMMENT: The prize you get is being in videos and i’ll post them on which isn’t edited or anything. I’ll leave a post saying when i’m finishes with thunderzoom.

  20. elliotesterman Says:

    icesurvivor are you there

  21. ok im back from tennis. Im just gonna change the name of the last page and ill email you the pass to the ” club rules ” page.

  22. ok i sent the email. Your fine now.

  23. hey ice survior are you here

  24. estermanelliot Says:

    i am here

  25. ok im here. Usually i won’t be on untill maybe 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard time.

  26. estermanelliot Says:

    oh yeah i got the email but my mom erased it can yo send it again plz okok

  27. estermanelliot Says:

    hi icesurvivor

  28. estermanelliot Says:

    are you playing club penguin now

  29. estermanelliot Says:

    hello icesurvivor are you there?

  30. estermanelliot Says:

    icesurvivor can you play on mammoth right now and meet me at the pizzza parlor right now?

  31. estermanelliot Says:

    pleaseee answer me

  32. estermanelliot Says:

    i guess you ar not playing on this website

  33. estermanelliot Says:


  34. estermanelliot Says:

    iia m going to iceyfresh2 s website

  35. estermanelliot Says:


  36. estermanelliot Says:


  37. estermanelliot Says:


  38. ok im back for half an hour and then ill get off 4 ten minutes and ill go on agin untill 8:30.

  39. reilles. your in

  40. give me your e-mail reilles so i can e-mail you the pass to the ” Club Rules ” page.

  41. riptide10 Says:

    hey ice can i be on the movie?

    i wanna be in the club becuase it sounds kool

    im on pretty much every day

    i am a member

    i will prob. attend all meetings

  42. riptide10 Says:

    are you on ice survivor???????????????????

  43. riptide10 Says:

    can i PLEASE be in???????

  44. ok your in key just give me your email.

  45. Patrick5353 Says:

    Hey, ice Im Patrick5353 I am on mammoth a lot I would like to be in the movie because It sounds great! I am on just about every day. I am a proud member of CP i will try to attend all meetings as possible. I am on your buddy list and I am Riptide 10 neighbor.

  46. riptide10 Says:

    why do u need my email?

  47. ok patrick5353. Riptide probably told you about my site. Your in. Just give me your e-mail so i can email you the password to the ” Club Rules ” page.

  48. i need your e-mail so i can e mail you the pass to the ” Club Rules ” page.

  49. riptide10 Says:

    i dont wanna hav my email on the internet

  50. riptide10 Says:

    but ill tell u on cp

  51. ok. You have to break it up like ledrf then let me see it then say like at yahoo and then space and let me see it and then say dot com. and say i with like dot instead of .

  52. ok i emailed you.

  53. Patrick5353 Says:

    Ice um… If it is neccesary I will get you my password but if you could just tell me the “club rules” on CP. thanks ICE,


  54. ok ill tell you on cp.

  55. riptide10 Says:

    thx ice

  56. riptide10 Says:

    ice r u on?

  57. riptide10 Says:

    is anyone on?

  58. 1. I love to act, I love clubs, and if it’s made by icesurvivor it’s gotta rule! 😀
    2. I am on nearly all the time!
    3. I am a member with a sense of style
    4. Of course!

  59. question #1: I want to be in it bacause I am a great actor. I have 50% of the items in CP

    Question #2: Alaways

    question #3: Member!

    question #4: YES!

  60. both of you are in. I’ll email both of you the pass to the ” Club Rules ” page.

  61. i emailed both of you.

  62. Ok, thanks! 😉

  63. 1. Cause i want 2 see wat is all about.
    2.maybe all day.
    4.Some of them because mi brother may go on.

  64. ok shippo your in. ill enmail you in a few hours. right now we have videos to do.

  65. ok ill wait im in Clubpenguin anyway.

  66. actually i might not be back untill 11:30 a.m. today.

  67. ok that will b 4 me is in hour

  68. ok im back. you can go to the town now in mammoth. I’ll be there in a few min.

  69. ok im there

  70. Where r u Ice?

  71. o ur playing a game.

  72. its been an hour since i said that.

  73. said wat

  74. Ice i didnt get ur E-mail when r u going 2 bring on 2 me so i can join.

  75. Come on im sick and tired of waiting. tell me the stuiped password already so i can stop asking and join the club. 😕 ❓

  76. nvm. I sent you an email like 100 times. check your bulk or all your folders.

  77. ok ill do that now.

  78. ok i didnt get one. 😡

  79. i think its going 2 a different person.

  80. you sent me back this morning. I got that. And i figured it out. My dads friend has a verizon email and he can’t get a lot of emails. I dont know why.

  81. i can currently be at the meeting. Remember, 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard time.

  82. ok well can i still go 2 the meetings even though i dont have the password. ❓ 😕

  83. yeah. The pass has nothing to do with the meeting.

  84. ok good.

  85. what sever do i go in.

  86. ok in Mammoth at 5:00? yah i can make it ill see u at the meeting. cya.

  87. When is our next film? What’s it gonna be about?

  88. Oh, and why does not work?

  89. because i havent worked on yet.

  90. and just to tell everyone, I can’t go to any meetings because my parents always find something that i have to do.

  91. like wat.

  92. christmas shopping. Next sunday is buying the tree. But im back for the day. Earlier than i thought too, so ill be at this meeting. I’m hosting it with mimi678.

  93. ok. well ill see u at the meeting.

  94. estermanelliot Says:

    hey icesurvivor stop mailing me 100 emails about the zeclub okok

  95. i never emailed you.

  96. estermanelliot Says:

    hey icesurvivor can you meet me at mammoth in the lighthouse okok right now okok

  97. ok quick though im there.

  98. estermanelliot Says:

    ok i needed to eat you can go thire now okok i am playing as vader2006 at mammoth in the lighthouse okkok go thiere now okok

  99. estermanelliot Says:

    icesurvivor i am thire already i will stay there for an hour untill you come

  100. i had to eat too. you can come there now just post something when you can.

  101. Keltrick2750 Says:

    Can i be in the culb? even though im not a member i know lots of things that nonmembers don’t know (except me) of please can i be in please!

  102. Keltrick2750 Says:

    Please! Ill be a gurard or something or an agent please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    can i join please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. uh. ok you have to answer the questions at the top to be in.

  104. Keltrick2750 Says:

    1# because i don’t have alot member frineds and people i can trust
    2# ill be on at 3:30pm at latest on week days weekends sometimes im on all day
    3# I am a non member (but still cool!)
    4#It depends on what time it is and when but if its later at night ill probably never miss it

    So now can i be in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Keltrick2750 Says:

    2# Ill beable to go to all the meetings for sure

  106. Keltrick2750 Says:

    4# YES

  107. Ok. You are in ill email you the password to the Club Jobs & Rules page.

  108. Keltrick2750 Says:

    Ok thanks so much!

  109. estermanelliot Says:

    icesurvivor are u playing in 20 minutes

  110. yep im playing now.

  111. estermanelliot Says:

    hey icesurvivor meet me at the mammoth at the lighthouse ok right now????? okok! thank you just go thire right now when you see this messageokok!!

  112. estermanelliot Says:

    comeone come to mammoth in the lighthouse icesurvivor

  113. estermanelliot Says:

    wait come to my igloo on mammoth it is opened


  115. estermanelliot Says:

    icesurvivor come back

  116. estermanelliot Says:

    too my igloo

  117. estermanelliot Says:


  118. estermanelliot Says:

    come tommorow

  119. #1 i wanted 2 join the club because i always wanted 2 join 🙂
    #2 usually 4 or hrs
    #3 non-member(but im cool) 🙂
    #4 YES-except christmas and other short holidays
    plus) plese let me join

  120. #1 i wanted 2 join the club because i always wanted 2 join 🙂
    #2 usually 4 or5 hrs
    #3 non-member(but im cool) 🙂
    #4 YES-except christmas and other short holidays
    plus) plese let me join

  121. message no124 i forgot 2 put a 5

  122. any 1 on

  123. peoplelivetoo

  124. whats that mean

  125. How did you know that password. Get off my site.

  126. estermanelliot Says:

    hey pple i saw icesurvivor and iasked to be his friend and he said yes omg i am so happy.icesurvivor i think i overheard but i thing peoplelivetoo is your password but between you and mee it did not work!!!!!! ok ok see you later icesurvivor i am going to win the contest everybody my igloo is the best oldfashion igloo i promise you next time you check the winners of the contest you will see my name it is vader2006 oh yeah!! i think my friend fatjoe66 and sarent34 is going to win too see you later people!!!okok!!!!!

  127. estermanelliot Says:

    pple read what i wrote okok its cool

  128. estermanelliot Says:

    sorry for saying okok like that okok. lol i did it again. okok. i think i souuld sto that now. ok.yes i got it
    see you later peoplE!!! SEE YA

  129. dude. Peoplearelivingtoo is not my pass and not even close to my pass.

  130. estermanelliot Says:

    icesurvivor are you playing on mammoth if not i am there ok.well you know where i am going to be because you are on my buddylist ok. go to mammoth i will be there now!!!ok.bye see you there!!

  131. hi everyone,
    1#Because im a penguin/person with slyness, style and personality, plus i dont have a lot of people i trust.
    2#Most of the time(cept Monday’s-Friday’s at 8:00am – 6:30pm)
    3#Stylish Member!!!!!!
    4#yes except Monday’s-Friday’s at 8:00am – 6:30pm otherwise probably.
    can i be in the club plz plz plz.

  132. vader2006 oops i ment estermanelliot Says:

    hey icesurvivor i joined the club right if idid can you tell me where the meetings are when they start and which server it is at? oh yeah the time they start ok?!! thanks icesurvivor untill then waddle on

  133. estermanelliot Says:

    sorry for writing vader2006 thats my penguin name! sorry people

  134. estermanelliot Says:

    hi people i am back i will be on mammoth right now if you want to be my friend go to mammoth and and i willl be at the plaza ok! if you meet me say esterman so i could know you are being on this wesite ok! see you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. estermanelliot Says:

    wait dntcome i am not there anymore sorry

  136. Q #1:Ive never been in a club before.

    Q #2:every sunday, it goes , Im here sunday then next sunday Im not and this repeats.
    Q #3:member.

    Q #4:half of them like I said in Q #2.I live in western though

  137. estermanelliot Says:


  138. estermanelliot Says:

    icesurvivor i emailed you

  139. estermanelliot Says:

    q1 ive never been in a club before
    q2every sunday,it goes im here sunday then next sunday im not and this reapeats
    q3 member
    ok i did it so am i in

  140. rock on! im in!
    o icesurvivor do you need my email?

    EDITORS COMMENT: Nope. I have it right here.

  141. oo and if anyone is on clubpenguin at the mo say Jingle bells,
    as ill know if you have been here! ill probabys be on the USA one in mamoth

  142. Ok. Have you emailed me yet?

  143. estermanelliot Says:

    ice are you here

  144. Millwall10 Says:

    im here

  145. Calling everybody to a video on mammoth at 8:00 a.m. Eastern Standard time. Must be there. If your not in the club, come to it anyway. Its in plaza in mammoth at 8:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. Be there or be square as they say (but i really don’t know why).

  146. if you werent there you missed out. Try again next sunday morning.

  147. Mollie Ollie Says:

    1: I love club penguin, this site and i think i could b a big help to the club.
    2: I am on a lot. As often as i can.
    3: I am a member for about another 10 months. (i have a lot of clothes)
    4: Yes, i heard ur meetings r on sundays at five and i am free then!

  148. icesurvivor i posted a glitch on secrets

  149. estermanelliot Says:


  150. cartwheelgal Says:

    Alright all my awnsers are the same ans the girl said in the first comment am i in?

  151. Mollie Ollie Says:

    my name is Mollie Ollie and i posted something earlier. am i in or not?

  152. dozerman12 Says:

    hey ice i wanna join to yes i am a memeber i can u\attend the meetings and i wana meet new poeple

  153. 1.i never was on a movie 2.I will not be on at the meeting because i dont have a computer until after christmas.3.I am a member.4.I will every time exept befor christmas. am i in or not thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  154. ice i wanna join the yes im a member can i join.

  155. can i have some money cheats plz

  156. no you have to answer all feields.

  157. thanks ice survivor!

  158. B)

  159. 😉

  160. ANY ONE ON

  161. #1 because i love cp! its the best! its the best game ever! i have been a member so long why not be in the club!

    #2 all the time!
    #3 member always have been!
    #4 deffintly all of them promise!
    email me at

    email if i can be in club!

  162. i want to be in this club cause it sounds cool and fun and umm ya, i would be on almost ebvery time but if im not home i most likely will not be able to atend, i am non-member, yes i will be able to attend MOST meedings, but not every meeding!

  163. hi its me estermanelliot go to my site its cool its its about club penguin but icesurvivor will costumize my wordpress like this one tommorow!ok?

  164. im srry i didnt make it to the meeding today. i lost track of time cause its 2:30 here and its 5:30 where u are. i promise i will make it to the next meeding.

    p.s. wat if the mammoth server is full?

  165. sounds cool 8) on almost all da time im on atleast once a day unless its a holiday or im at my GFs house a member

  166. if the server is full, post it. gthug , your in.

  167. hi can i be ing da club plz?

  168. meet me on cp @ quarter 2 six on da english flag on ice~cold my name is koolkat234 meet me @ da ice burg! oh bye da way i’m starting a club so meet me dere id u want to be in it awnser da same questions as ice survivor ok.

    y u want to be in da club

    [ oh bye da way we don’t av meetings just meet me @ my igloo]

    if ur a member [u have to give me your user~ name & pass i am not a haker i promise]

    and describe your self to me plz! thanx bye x

  169. wanajoindaclub (blenheim) Says:

    question #1: Why do you want to be in the club? because I love being in club penguin and i love clubs

    Question #2: How often do you think you would be on? more or lease 3 hours a day in seperate times

    question #3: Are you a member or a non-member?
    non member
    question #4: Will you be able to attend most meetings?


  170. comment 189. Your in! Pinky you wee n a long time ago.

  171. oh ya! but warlord24 went on my penguin! he delted me of your penguin

  172. question #1: Why do you want to be in the club?
    Well to tell you the truth I only JUST found out about this is it popular because I haven’t known about it….

    Question #2: How often do you think you would be on?
    I am on EVERY DAY no MATTER what except for when I’m in Japan once a year. I usually am with a friend though, so I may not be able to attend meetings RIGHT when they start, but I’ll be able to go.

    question #3: Are you a member or a non-member?
    MEMBER NO DUH! Its so much fun to be a member I think everybody should be.

    question #4: Will you be able to attend most meetings?
    Yes. I will, but I have Pacific time, so what time would that be? And Its stilil Christmas today, the 25th and it says posted on the 26th for some posts….

    But I’m not your buddy…. Could you email me at and give me some more details? I’d love it. Otherwise I may not be able to do much. I am quite question #1: Why do you want to be in the club?

    Question #2: How often do you think you would be on?

    question #3: Are you a member or a non-member?

    question #4: Will you be able to attend most meetings?
    Yes. Probably all.

    I am also quite popular on Club Penguin, and have many good friends who would be quite willing to help out by advertising your website or something like that. They all have websites to advertise clubpenguin to help clubpenguin get more money for the site. They’d be happy to add a link to your site. Email me at for more details. And I also have some questions I’d prefer not to ask right now.

  173. 1) because im strong
    2)mostly all the time
    3)non member

  174. heya everyone dont no if ya met me befor but im rather populer so u shouldhave ive got loads of cheats and glitches becouse i helped make club penguin and if u havent played club penguin click on my name to go to the club penguin website- i hope you all enjoy club penguin we try and make it as fun as possible if u got any ideas contact the club penguin tem on the site or email me at wich is my personal address im allways on frozen surver (england) so u might run into me u probly will im normally on im a member aswell well thats it from me C ya guys love ya

  175. Hi icesurvivor! i really want to join your club , it sounds really cool! so here goes!
    question #1 because i really like your site and i really want to be your friend , you rock icesurvivor!
    question#2 i’m on like ALL the time and i go EVERYWHERE on club penguin!
    question#3 yes i’am a member and i love it!
    question#4 most meetings? i’ll be able to attend ALL of the meetings!

  176. stackers, jorbie, and giggy62 are in. And pinky, i know he hacked you again because i did a friend video and you werent there. Sorry about that.

  177. cuz i’d luv 2 b in a movie

    on weekends near the morning and whenever any1 wants me on, on school days after school and whenever any1 wants me on

    imma memba (o ya!)

    I’ll try to attend all meetings (that means i’ll be at most meetings)

    ~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉

  178. after school is like around 4o’clock

  179. ok same for me. Im always on at four and gorlackers is in the club. 😉

  180. hi ppl! i love cp but i also love the sims2 so if you love sims then come to my site pleez! it’s —– pleez come to my site!

  181. squgely srry if u h8 me by now Says:

    hey its squgely again srry about scarin u i hoe that didnt ruin my chances to be in ur movies

    1 becuz i make movies my self but no one evr helps me(i hav everything in the catolog even girl things

    2 everyday except on skool days

    3 member

    4 all the meetings

  182. yay ::D:

  183. ::):

  184. 🙂

  185. there we go 😆 :sick: 😡

    a lot

  187. are we gonna make a movie tommorow? btw i’ll be there (as far as i kno)

    ~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉

  188. and if we do make a video tommorow when u put it on the site will give me the link? thanx

    ~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉

  189. we do a video every sunday. This would have to be erly though because my half brothe ris coming in from fl. So ill make it at 8:30 Eastern Standard.

  190. 8:30am!?!? i wake up at like 1pm eastern time!!! but i realy wanna be in a movie and 8:30 is definetly too early. i’ll just try to sleep early 2day…

  191. ok. lol i wake up at say like 4:30 in the morning.

  192. SRY I wrote that on the wrong page.

  193. so when is the movie making? can it be like 9 or later?

    ~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉
    P.S. On break i sleep at like 4 or 3 in the morning lol

  194. no it has to be at 8:30.

  195. fine 😦 i might not be there though and what if i’m late? will i still be in the movie?

    ~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉

  196. Am I in it yes or no?

  197. 1)i want to be in ty club cause there are only few things non mem can do.
    2)Friday,saturday,sunday and sometimes on tuesday or wednesday
    3)I am not a member
    4)ya i’ll be able to attend most meeting if u are doing it on non members server.

  198. this is ryanyourpal5 and i want to be in the club!!!!!!

    so i can enjoy clubpenguin with the u and cp!!!!and to join ur club with lots of people!!!!!!

    dude dont worry about me!im on everyday!!!!!!!everysinge day! even on the holidays!!!!i love clubpenguin!!!!!!!!

    im a member, u know that where toggether alot!lol!!!!!!!!!

    of course i will attend all meetings!!!!!i would love to be with my favorite player!!!!!!!

  199. how was it today? what was the movie about? and can u send me the link please i wanna see it 8)

    ~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉

  200. yeah your in. And the movie was just a little thing for new years. Ill post it in soon after i fix it up.

  201. artic peron Says:

    hi i am not a member but i was, so i have great clothes. i have no good friends and i need some activaties on club penguin. i am simple but i can be a great person in your movie…-and a great friend!! i could atend meetings 85 percent of the time. my penguin name is artic person. thx!

  202. artic peron Says:

    if i become a club member for the movie i need to no where it is one more time thank u

  203. artic peron Says:

    ice survivor your movie idea is great! good luck

  204. artic peron Says:

    please respond..

  205. artic peron Says:

    hello yeah hi

  206. artic peron Says:


  207. thanks for getting me in

  208. in the main page there is a post that is protected. what is the password

  209. slippery777 Says:

    #1i like cp and i like to be with people on it

    #2i am on evey day
    #3i am a member
    #4i am on evey day so i would

  210. littlebunbun Says:

    1# i like cp and you
    2# most of the day
    3# im a member
    4# i can go to almost all meetigs

  211. littlebunbun Says:

    now can i be in your club and now evrey secret in cp

  212. slippery777 Says:

    ice i never see u in mammoth? i might not be on for three days i am going to sanfrancico . if my grandma has a computer i will be on

    I WILL BE WAITING for u to teel me where to meet u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    – SLIPPERY777

  213. never see me? Ive seen you like a million times. And your in.

  214. littlebunbun Says:

    thank you

  215. you know how to walk in the lightbulb and te news walk and how to walk on the walls in the pizza parlor and every wall?

  216. littlebunbun Says:


  217. littlebunbun Says:

    no i dont

  218. littlebunbun Says:

    ice survivor i want to meet you if you can please go to dogo corner today at 5 or 6 pm or tomarorow

  219. littlebunbun Says:

    please anser

  220. then you dont know every glitch. I’ll kick you out i you lie again.

  221. littlebunbun Says:

    i dint lie

  222. littlebunbun Says:

    i know how to walk on wall the newspaper dance how to tip the boat
    how to throw snowball rapedly and i started a gaint snowballfight in the dojo it was big all i had to do is to throw a snowball at a cpm (club pengiun moderaters) it was club because i acted as one for more info and

  223. littlebunbun Says:

    exept newspaper dance i tried it today but i diden work

  224. now i know how to walk on walls and fly

  225. 1.I want to be in this club because i don’t get to do anything big on the computer and I think this would be fun on clubpenguin about twice everyday unless the computer doesn’t work right but that doesnt happen anymore
    3.non member mentioned in the url
    4.Oh ya ill be on every day for about an hour or less but I go on every day for sure!!

    🙂 Marshall (:
    P.S please let me in im hopeless but im not a member but i used to be!

  226. awnser 1#i wanna be in a cp video
    awnser 2#sometimes but other times i’ll be seeing my friend in mittens
    awnser 3#im a member
    awnser 4#probalys most

  227. ok your both in.

  228. i’ll join igo on almost everyday

  229. i’m also a member i go on anartic

  230. can i be ice survivor plz plz

  231. and i will go to every meeting

  232. lacrosse601 Says:

    yo ice survivor…its me. so i wanna join so heres the answers:

    #1: i always wanna act and its super fun to be in cp movies.
    #2: like, everyday.
    #3: i am a member.
    #4: well… yes.

    dude please let me in to the movie. i love movies and im a really good actor.


  233. Missingbird Says:

    Can I join the club?
    I want to be in the club because it sounds fun , plus i’m a non member so i dont have many oppurtunities to do exciting stuff.

    I should be online most of the time.

    I am a non member

    I probablly will be able to attened most meetings

    Also I have a question. What days are the meetings?
    Thanks , an please accept me!


  234. Missingbird Says:

    even though i’m a non member i have a super cool wizard hat that i always wear!

  235. lacrosse601 Says:

    icesurvivor can i be in the movie

  236. lacrosse601 Says:


  237. cocoasnapman Says:

    I love being in movies

    not every day but every other day


    i will attend all of the meetings


  238. .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.

  239. pickle mon Says:

    Can i be in the movie.

    I like being in movies

    most days.

    I’m a member

    at least 90% of all meetings

    EDITORS COMMENT:Yes your in!

    ps. I know my name is wierd

  240. 1# i like to be in movies also im a good actor.
    2#almost all the time
    3#i am a member
    4#yeah most of them

    I told you you were in already so ya.

  241. I cant find my message but im pretty sure its there


  242. hello???????????????


  243. Ice y did u get rid of me 😥 😦

  244. i didnt. You did.

  245. oops i must have picked the wrong penguin srry i blamed u wel r u on?

  246. yeh im on. Ill be in the dock

  247. question #1: I HAVE EVERY CLOTHES

    Question #2: 2HR a day

    question #3: MEMBER

    question #4: Yea

    CP AC: 93Green

  248. Ice ur not there go 2 the plaza.

  249. ok u there?

  250. name. Do you have the beta hat and everything before febuary? If you do, go to the dock in mammoth and prove it.

  251. and ice survivor if you need to e-mail me for any questions my e-mail is

    cya at da meeting!

  252. Totally sorry I missed all those meetings!! I’ll be there tommorow for sure. My brother had err… wrestling! That’s it! He had wrestling so I couldn’t come… Sorry!

    EDITORS COMMENT: I’m sorry to ruin it but… 1fiddy banned me so i dont wanna do the video tomorrow. Sorry.

  253. This is Nippykams brother….. Ya

  254. 1. i am a loyal peguin
    2.i could be on every day
    4. yes

    my peguins name is whopperman

    EDITORS COMMENT: Congratz! Your in!

  255. 1. i am a great to be round penguin
    2.on all the ime from 4:00 to 7:00 or 8:00
    3.i am a member
    4.tottally of course


  256. 1.i love 2 be in vedios
    2.i go on every day
    3.i’m a member
    4.i’ll come 2 all of them

  257. i hav 1 question tho, how do we get 2 ur igloo if ur not on r buddy list?

  258. BOOGER MAN123 Says:


  259. ice survivor01 Says:


  260. 1.cos cp is cool and you to
    2.all the time a member
    and yankees u cant be serios

  261. junior987123 Says:

    i want to join

    1.i luv cp and it sounds fun to join da club
    2.mostly every weekday and friday and holidays and mostly any time i can a member
    4.most likley



  262. junior987123 Says:

    this site rocks

  263. junior987123 Says:


  264. bulblikebob Says:

    #1 I want to be in your club because club penguin is awesome and the club sounds cool.
    #2 I am on most everyday for atlest an hour
    #3 I am a member
    #4 Yes I will attend most meetings


  265. Snappyguy928 Says:

    I was wondering if I could still join.

    #1: Well i’ve never been in a club and i’ll meet new friends.
    #2: I’m usually on Friday (afternoon) Saturday (all day) & Sunday (all day).
    #3: Member
    #4: I should be able to.
    Also I’m in Australia my time zone is Australian Eastern Standard Time (right now it is day light savings so an hour ahead).

    EDITORS COMMENT: Sure you can be in. It doesnt matter what server your in.

  266. Snappyguy928 Says:

    I think my membership ends this afternoon but fortunately i mowed the lawn today so i might use that money for membership

  267. 1.I lke you and your club.i also think that your a good

    2.I play 5 days a week

    3.i am a member

    4.i will be able to atened 9/10 of the meetings


  268. plzzzzzzzzz i really really really really wanna b in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  269. junior987123 Says:

    yo ice was there a meeting yesterday

  270. i am a very good actor and i go to every party and i no where most of the pins are and was. pretty much every day but not on sunday mornings. non member. yes.

  271. 1.I love the movies and I would like to be a part of them!
    2.I am usually on every day around 3:00 Western time.
    3.Im a non-member but i should become one soon.
    4.I should be able to attend at least half the meetings.


  272. Im usually in Tuxedo by the way 🙂

  273. has jh999 on the club because ive made budds with him

  274. question1= you are one of my faviroute penguins
    question2=very often
    question3=i am a member
    question4=i will atend every meeting

  275. akimaru fan1 Says:

    1.i think it’d be fun to be in a club
    2.i’d probably be on every day usually between 5 pm and 7 pm a memebr ^_^ attend most meeting as long as i remember where and when

  276. 1.i wanna be in a movie and i wanna be in a club.
    2.all the time.
    4.yes unless im on a plane or at a party e.t.c.

  277. Brownie Beau Says:

    1.To make new friends
    2.Most day except Thursday or Friday
    3.I’m a non member

    ps.I have no url

  278. Iwant to join the club my email is so please email me and iwill till u all the answers of the ques

  279. 1it looks really cool

    2i am on a lot

    3i am a member with a cool igloo

    4ya totally

  280. cheecolo/taylor Says:

    #1:i love being in videos and the camera luvs me!
    #2:every day ecsept monday and wedns day at 6 to 7:45 pm
    #3:member with a sick igloo

    p.s i dont have a url

  281. cheecolo/taylor Says:

    oh and i love clubpenguin!!!!!:-D

  282. Can I please join your club?

  283. Hi!!

  284. I reaaaly need some coins!
    Does anyone know how to get a lot of coins really fast?

  285. If anyone wants to be my buddy I will be in my member igloo called Naruto15034 on the server Mammoth on April13th at about 4:20



  288. HEEELLLLLLLOOOOOOOO……..!!!!!????!!!!????
    IS EVERYONE OK? AM I THE ONLY ONE HERE?………………………………………………………….OH MY GOSH!!!
    AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!…haha…i’m dead.The zombies got me…


  290. Oh, and by the way… My E-mail is…in case, you know, you just have the sudden urge to give me some cheats n’ secrets.

  291. .
    . .
    . .
    . .
    . .
    . .
    . .
    . .
    . .
    . .
    . .
    . .
    . .
    . .
    . .
    ….. . . …..
    \ \ . . . . / /
    \ / . . \ /
    \/ . . \/
    . .
    . .
    / \
    \ /
    \ /

  292. Yo, dog….. word

  293. ..


    i know how to get coins really fast

  295. sakura/cheecolo/taylor Says:

    dude,naruto,whatever all u have to do is play the pizzatron alot
    youll get masive coins i normally get around 650 coins every game

  296. sakura/cheecolo/taylor Says:

    oh and if u want to know anythingelse just email me at .ok.

  297. sakura/cheecolo/taylor Says:

    or u could just im me at sk8terbabe9855

  298. 1. it would be fun
    2.almost every day (exept wen grounded)
    3.non member

  299. Strongbad114 Says:

    1. i like goin on cp and i like hangin out in cheat groups so ill like bein in vids

    2.i go on every day for a minimum of 2 hours

    3. member

    4.i can attend all meetings except if my computer breaks

    plz let me join

  300. horsegirlcl Says:

    1i like doing stuff with my frineds and making new ones and i love doing missions in the hq
    2i go on evry day minimum 2-2 hours
    4i can attend all meetinging exsept early in the week day or early after noon in the week days
    5 i may not also be able to attend some because i may be grounded

  301. #1The Camera Loves Me
    #2Almost All The Time
    #3 I am A member
    #4Ya But on Holiday such as Christmas No
    Bilbo Baggins PS I have a Clan My Websites:

  302. hollywood56 Says:

    ive never been in a clubpenguin club

    all the time


    i can problaly attend every meeting

  303. How do you make the vidos?How do you make the music?

  304. how do you put pictures on your website!!!!!!!!!!!(: (: (:

  305. bacon52 Says:

    Here r my answers hope im in!
    #1.I’m really good at acting and the camra loves me! Also i love to be in clubs because i feal special! I’m also the talkitive type (laughs)
    and i ♥love♥ to talk (or type).

    #2.I’m uasually on really early on the weekends and till then im on like 24-7. I swear!

    #3.I’m deffenatly a member! So cool!

    #4.Absoultly, I’m never late for anything. Maybe i’ll be earlly (probly).

    Cant wait till i’m in
    Keep me posted plz!

  306. Here r my answers, hope im in!
    #1. I’m really good at acting and fast at typing.Also the camra loves me best!Also, . . . i love to be in clubs cause i feel speshul and i just like to be in clubs. I’m also very talkitive (laughs) and i ♥love♥ to talk (or type)

    #2. I’m usaully on early on the weekends, right after school, and if im not its homework ordinner which takes like 15 mins each. AKA im on 24-7.

    #3. Deffenetly a member!

    #4. Absoloutly I’m never late for anything! I’ll probly even be early!

  307. Cobutay Says:

    1.I want to be in movies cos they are my favourite and i want to meet you face to face

    2.All the time everday but not on sunday i have church

    3.I am a Member YAY!

    4.All of them but not sunday ones

  308. annie45632 Says:

    1 i always wanted to meet u and be in a vid.
    2 i am on between 5:30 and 8:00 on school days
    and from 11:00 and 9:15 on saturday and on sunday im free til’ 9:15.
    3 im a memba (member)
    4 yah
    and if the vid is in u tube i will always respect and worship u until i quit cp

  309. #1 you are cool and with me in the club i can be a big help with new ideas
    #2 I am on clubpenguin everyday
    #3 member
    #4 yes

    I hope I can be ur buddy and we can get along! (smile)

  310. smile smile smile

  311. Midnight 4 Says:

    #1 U HATE ME!


  312. cheecolo/taylor Says:


  313. might be fun
    3.member (duh)
    4.most likely all

  314. 1 it could be fun
    2 alot of the day
    3 member
    4 yes

  315. please let me in

  316. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  317. Madchebab Says:

    Hi i really wanna be in the club but i keep missin u
    Here r the answers to the question answers though

    #1.I love clubs and its sounds cool and fun i can also (if i feel up to it)earn over 2500coins a day.

    #2.I reckon id be on 3 days a week(Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

    #3.Im a member

    #4 I bet i could attend most (if not all meetings)

  318. #1.I would love to be in a club at clubpenguin and am trying to start one on my own but its not working out. on clubpenguin everyday!(except when im grounded) a member
    #4.i should be able to attend all the meetings sence im on all the time.

  319. i would like to do something fun
    im on cp every day
    im a member
    i will be able to attend most of the meetings i wont get to like 1 a month
    if u want me 2 join email me at

  320. Barber456 Says:


  321. 1. anything longers im in and im treated good
    2. well normally im in everyday but different timesso i will try my very very best 2 be in every meeting
    3. member but i dont do my igloo i like to dress up though!!! 🙂
    4: Every meeting i can possibly make

  322. Frito Guy Says:

    is anybody there???

  323. Frito Guy Says:

    can i plz be in da club?
    1#i love cp ever sence i found out about it plus i know secrets.]
    2#everyday that i can a different times,for hours a day in the summer.
    3#member for now
    4#every meeting unless im grounded or on vacation

  324. Frito Guy Says:


  325. Frito Guy Says:

    if you want me to join send me an e-mail at

  326. Frito Guy Says:

    I have like a secret barely anyone knows!!!!!I’ll tell you l8r though!

  327. Frito Guy Says:

    Oh, and did you know,this is not THAT secret no one really knows about, but if you say in all caps with no punctuation on cp
    and then you walk around it messes up!

  328. Frito Guy Says:

    why does it say june 4th its june 3rd??????????????????????????

  329. miniorange and miniorange2 Says:

    does iny body know iny cheats 2 clubpenguin?

  330. Hailey108 Says:

    I wanna be in the club because:

    1. I know SO many cheats and glitches. I’ve been on Club Penguin for almost a year.

    2. Whenever my sisters aren’t on.

    3. I was a member for 5 months, but then I had to quit because I couldn’t afford it.

    4. Yeah!

  331. I want to be in the club because:

    I want to be as cool as you!

    All the time!

    I am a member for now!

    Yes, I will be able to attend most meetings!

  332. where do you get a mining helmet or a construction worker helmet. on club penguin.

  333. would be fun
    4.all meetings

  334. am i in?
    am i in?
    am i in?

  335. like i am SSSSSOOOOO girly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    give me some kissies andrew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OH YOU’RE SSSSSSSSOOOOOOO CUTE ANDREW DARLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  336. he he he Says:

    because ive never been in a movie and i want to try

    wednesdays and saturdays

    i am not a member

    i am not sure if i will be able to attend most meetings but ill try

  337. i would like to be in the club so i can meet new friends!

    im on EVRY morning!

    im a member!

    i think i’ll be able to attened to most of the meetings!

  338. did u see what Naruto said?!?!


  340. #1. Because i think it woud be cool.
    #2. The least 4 times a week, almost every day.
    #3. I am a non-member but i have been on club penguin for 411 days and have lots of clothing
    #4. yep you bet!

    great website!

  341. #1. Because i think it woud be cool.
    #2. The least 4 times a week, almost every day.
    #3. I am a non-member but i have been on club penguin for 411 days and have lots of clothing
    #4. yep you bet!

    great website! signed bubbles

  342. Sklooperis Says:

    hey everyone

  343. RIcky Jay Jones Says:

    hey Skloop

  344. Sklooperis Says:

    Hey rick

  345. Sklooperis Says:

    wats up rick

  346. Ricky Jay Jones Says:

    lols i wonder who will have the 1000th comment

  347. doodhjk Says:


  348. Can i be in the club?
    #1 i wanna be in this club because i love meeting new penguins,
    #2 i go on cp every single day
    #3o im not a member
    #4 i can attend most meetings exept when im grounded


  350. i want this so bad im crying because i have 6489 coins and i cant use them 😦

  351. 1:Ive been in 4 other vids with pringle 64 ect.Also i have my own website and i could help with somthin
    2:I am almost on all day long either working on my web site or just playing around on cp.
    3:phhh! of course i am a member!I am bout an estimate of 200 days old.
    4:I am very … responsable i always have meetings with pringle64 so i am trained you can call it.

  352. im finally a member…. what time is it in america when it is 4:00 PM in australia?

  353. 1. i want to be in the club because i like to meet new penguins and make friends, i also like to be in cp videos

    2. im on over 3 hours a day

    3. im finally a member (of coarse) but only for a month.

    4. im not sure if i can attend most of them but ill try.. just tell me time and date.

  354. #1 this will be my very first time of joining a club

    #2 all day

    #3 im a non 😦

    #4 probably
    p.s. if its full I cant make it :sad;

  355. Fizzieme Says:

    1. my penguin (Fizzieme) has been in a vidio on youtube, and im a fast typer
    2. all the time
    3. im a member!!!!
    4. i might, i will try hard

  356. doodhjk Says:

    1. im a very rich penguin i have 20000 coins and i think it would be cool.
    2.well its kinda unpredictable sometimes im on all day and others im
    not on that much.
    4.yea most of em.

  357. doodhjk Says:


  358. doodhjk Says:

    I HAVE THE 400th COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  359. Skull face72. Says:


  360. waz up

  361. Katieskater Says:

    1. I really want to make some good friends.
    2. I am on everyday
    3. I am a member
    4. I will most likely be able to attend every meeting (unless I am gone) otherwise every meeting.
    Can I Be In Please?

    P.S. I love your website!

  362. boocckk bboocckk ima chicken

  363. tyghyuf

  364. ladycyclone Says:

    this is prettypuppie i would like to be in the club because it sounds fun and u sound cool yes i was a member but not now
    most meetings will be atended by me

  365. ladycyclone Says:

    also i am starting a club that u might be interested in bcuz its like u

  366. 1:i want to join because im your biggest fan and im pretty rare 2:im on at least once a week(enless im grounded 3:im a member 4:i should be at every other meeting(i think ok bye now and can i please join please!

  367. spencer71897 Says:

    hi its spencer71897 i saw you at the dock

  368. my name is shabshab35 and ill be on clubpenguin in mamoth at the snow forts at 10:00 (clubpenguin time)

  369. #1.I Have never been in a club for Club Penguin and this is my chance.
    #2. Maybe every other day (or every day).
    #3. I’m a Non-Member, but I have lots of clothes (5 body clothes,5 eye stuff,2 shoes,5 arm/hand stuff,15 hats,2 shoulder/acessories)
    #4. Same thing with #2.

  370. #1. I’ve always wanted to be in a club for CP.
    #2. Most of the time
    #3. I’m a Non-Member ,but I have lots of clothes (5 body clothes, 5 eye stuff, 2 shoes, 5 arm stuff, 15 hats, 3 acessories.
    #4 Maybe every other day (mosly not on saturdays)

  371. Peng Munchy Says:

    im having a party on monday 3:00 in snowbank so please come because its gonna be so cool.

  372. jd>CMLZKXK,xzbaa902e1p\w

  373. peachyflower Says:

    #1.I want to be in the club because i love clubpenguin and my penguin is pretty old.
    #2.I will be on like everyday.
    #3.I am a member and have a LOT of clothes.
    #4.Yes definitly.

  374. peachyflower Says:

    so can I be in the club?

  375. peachyflower Says:


  376. peachyflower Says:

    anyone there?

  377. peachyflower Says:

    please reaspond

  378. peachyflower Says:

    is anybody on…

  379. peachyflower Says:

    Pretty please answer! I really wanna be in your club!

  380. peachyflower Says:

    so can i?

  381. i wanna join it
    ok here are my answers:
    Well,I really don’t have anything to do….(lol,no seriously…)
    I’m on everyday.
    Member.I have almost everything in the october ’07 catalog,or however you spell that.
    Yep,maybe not on the holidays though….

  382. ok wait i just thought about it…..i might not be able to join,i have church….but it starts at six… long are the meetings?

  383. does it matter if your a member,my freind might want to join.does it matter because it only lets members in mammoth sometimes?

  384. wait you said eastern time,that means i might not get to join it….what time is it eatern time i dont even know what my time zone thing is(lol i dont take time to listen about that stuff.)

  385. peachyflower Says:

    hi brianna45!

  386. yes finaly someone is on this


  388. peachyflower Says:


  389. peachyflower Says:

    is anyone on this?

  390. peachyflower Says:

    hi everyone!!!!

  391. YO DUDES GMAIL ME AT GMAIL.COM MY GMAIL IS! send me mail kk?! 😉

  392. Anonymous Says:


  393. I wanna be in ya club becos i imagine itll be cool well its always snowin’ on cp ha ha

    All the time

    Non – member 😦

    You Betcha

  394. 1. i want to be in a movie
    2. i go on cp everyday
    3. member
    4. every meeting

  395. 1.becos i want a gang please!!!!!!!!!! 2.anything non member 4.all of it

  396. Red Razbrry Says:

    Hey i love to act i am on everyday and i am not a member and i can be one tommaroww can i join!!!!!!

  397. Sklooperis Says:

    lol i havent been on this site in a while if anyone wants to meet me leave a comment im usually on mammoth and white house
    see ya

  398. Sklooperis Says:

    i just figured out i havent been on this sight since june 22nd 🙂

  399. Sklooperis Says:

    i wanna join the club
    1. Ive been playing cp for over a year and i think im ready for something big now
    2.I’m on almost every day
    3.member depends i will try to for a few months out of the year though definately

  400. i want to join cause i like joining clubs, i will be on alot, im on everyday,im a member, and I’ll try my best to attend every meeting

  401. I love Clubs! I am more than a year old and kow lots about Club Penguin. I’m on everyday. I am a member. I can be at every meating but I can only stay an hour because I have church at 6:30.

  402. rockhopper’s pasword is pirate

  403. do u hack

  404. question #1: Why do you want to be in the club? i have never been in a club.

    Question #2: How often do you think you would be on? every day

    question #3: Are you a member or a non-member? i have been a member ever since i joined (3 years)

    question #4: Will you be able to attend most meetings? ofcourse all the time when im on.

    Answer these questions in a comment below and you’re in!

  405. sorry my real name is flames 1000

  406. 😛 😀 🙂 😥 😡 😆 ❓ ❗ 🙄 😎 😉 😦 😮 :8O 😕 8) 😐 😳 👿 😈 💡 ➡ :mrgreen: 😮 😯

  407. 1. Because it looks fun to do.

    2. I’m on every day almost every 3 hours. If not more.

    3. I am a member. I have a lot of the clothes.

    4.I will.

    I have a website:

  408. i was never a non-member

  409. #1 i think it will be fun #2 ALL THE TIME #3 MEMBER #4 YES

  410. 1 i like clubs and it would be fun
    2 im on everday
    3 im a nonmember
    4 i will be able to attend most meetings

  411. 1. I like clubs and it would be fun
    2. Im on everyday
    3. Im a nonmember
    4. i will be able to make every meeting

  412. hi im harry

  413. so im cool,every day or so,member.i will be able to attend most meetings

  414. Becca122333 Says:

    1. I would love to be in the club. I luv clubpenguin and u seem cool!
    2. I can ususually be on every other day. It depends what i’m up too ; )
    3. I am a member and have a log cabin igloo. I have alot of clothes too.
    4. Ya. I should be able too attends most of them. It depends if a have a show to attend too or not.

  415. waddler5511 Says:

    I go on cp everyday a club sounds really i fun i will attend i am a member + ill get my friends 2 join & gator360 subscribed to my videos sorry if you think im being a show off

  416. waddler5511 Says:

    Becca wanna meet me?

  417. waddler5511 Says:

    Lilrossie are you littlerosey? coz there is sum1 on my friend list called that!!!!

  418. 1.its dull with no friends and i cant join youtube to make movies
    2.i dont come on much but i will be there for movies a nonmember.not sure if i will become one,and its a dull life because no one allows me to join armys!
    4.i think so

  419. Terrific. I can set you up as a lead actor because most people left my site.

  420. emerald83 Says:

    Hey Im egg1234. My screen nam,e is just emerald83, but in club penguin, i am known as egg1234.

    1. I’ve made TONS of videos myself, so I will be an excellent actor.

    2. Every day I am on. EVERY DAY. 24/7. In fact, i’ve done pretty much nothing on the computer not related to club penguin.

    3. I am a member. I joined December 2005.

    4. Absolutely.

    Remember, I’m not emerald83, I’m Egg1234. (People screw that up WAY more you think, pal.)

    C ya!

  421. Hmmm. I like what your saying. And you say you’ll be an excellent actor, so I’ll add you as an actor. I just wanna know if I can meet you on CP, so I can add you as a friend. Maybe in the next ten minutes?

  422. Cool hope you like it!

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