I’ve Made My Decision

Ice here. It’s pretty obvious that I quit this site for a little bit. Well, I think I’ve officially quit this site. Don’t be discouraged though, because I’ve started a new one with Roxyspots. We’re not in the site for fame, popularity, or anything like that. We just want to show the world our videos that we’ve done. As you know from me, I hate fame lol. It sounds weird, but I like to be with my friends. You’re all my friends, but I really don’t get much time with the people who like me for who I am. This site will stay on wordpress, because why not? People love it to this day. 

Let’s look back at the good times this site had:


Day 1: The first day this site was invented. It was around September, and I wanted to be cool. I had three comments the first day! It was a great success for me. I loved it at first. 

Day 40: Wow! 20,000 Hits already! This was a very exciting day for me. I was doing better than most CP based sites. I was getting about 50 on at a time. 

Day 80: A never ending path of fame for me – At least that was what I thought. I was in the top 10 most famous around then. It felt great. Too bad I grew to hate it.

Day 120: I was the second most famous person in CP next to Paintboy100! That really made me work harder to be the best.

Day 140: Paintboy and I were in a tie between who was better. The hard thing was that we both always went on Mammoth. 

Day 180: Paintboy and I just became friends. We didn’t care who became more famous because we were both VERY famous. 

For two years, Paintboy and I continued to lead the fame charts. We both had equal crowds filling up rooms such as the dock. 

The quit: If I got banned like 100 days later, I would have been in the top 5 best wordpress blogs. When I quit, I was the 35TH BEST BLOG ON WORDPRESS!!! No CP blog was in front of me. Most of it was political blogs. Easily, I Can Haz Cheezburger would have beat me, but I can see why. That blog got about 10,000 hits at the same time! I got about 300 Hits at the time on the week and about 500 Hits at the same time on the weekend. I Can Haz Cheezburger is still at the top to this day. ‘

The Return: I was getting bored. I checked this site after about 6 months of absence. Only about 300 spam messages told me that I lost about 90% of my viewers. A day later, Billgreen and I were talking, and he told me that Clayton was unbanned. After 6 months of absence, I forgot my password. I typed in some random thing and it said that it was just an incorrect password. I didn’t stop smiling until I found out that I wouldn’t get unbanned. I finally got my password and tried it. Only a 1 hour ban. This was great. I gave it two hours just in case, and I still had the one hour ban. I’ve just tried it today, and I still have the one hour ban. I’ve also emailed CP about 20 times. They said no because I hacked. Nice excuse CP. They always hated me, so I decided to make another user called Innerporsche. After about my tenth Email to CP, they said “Thanks to you, you’ve ruined Club Penguin’s User Maker.” My thoughts were “I didn’t do anything!”, and “What’d I do to the User Creator?” I found out. For some reason, because of me, if you have a banned account, it WILL NOT let you create a new account. They might as well ban all my other accounts if they’re gonna make me go through this. 

Here I Am Today: CP WILL NOT ruin my life. I’ve changed. They know that. I now make better videos, I be myself, and I have more friends who like me for who I am. 


And that’s my story. My best achievement was being the 35th best blog on wordpress. This isn’t the last of me. I want everyone to not crowd me, but to just count me as a regular penguin like everyone else. 

Thank you. Click Here To Go To Our New Video Site.


-Ice Survivor


22 Responses to “I’ve Made My Decision”


  2. Awww! We will miss ya Ice!

  3. Once we get the other site going, you’ll still be able to comment on that, so remember that this isn’t the last of me.

  4. ohhh… when i found your site.. i had no idea what was going on lol… but when i started making cp vids and made a cp site… i realized what was going on…. when i realized… you already quit… but 3 months later or something… you were back… i forgot how i met you and became friends with you.. i think it was because of piczo when i added you…. great times…. cya on cp man. i loved this blog.

  5. Thanks! During the time I worked hard on this, it was one of the best times of my life, with everyone looking up to me. But now, I feel somewhat different about that.

  6. r u still gonna be on cp? r u gonna be working on your site?!
    😕 😦

  7. BMX just posted that ur unbanned, r u?


  9. YAY YOU ARE UNBANNED YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. abced101 Says:

    Hes Unabnned i see you at frozen dock!


  12. I see you at Frozen Dock =D

  13. I’m back guys. I’ll post later.

  14. Theres an awesome new game called Planet Cazmo
    PLZ VISIT http://www.cazmoworld.wordpress.com for details 😆

  15. how did u get unbanned

  16. CP had an error. All the penguins that were occuring the error of (you’re penguin is banned for the next hour) gave cp sooooo many complaints. (i mustve sent five) that they unbanned all of em. They might get rebanned again. But i doubt it.


  17. Wow. Dude i admire u. This is the first time i have been to ur site and to hear all this and that u hate fame in CP. Wow i hope i am able to achive something in the internet! That was an amazing story. great way to quit CP.

  18. cool story!! wow you had 20000 hits by day 40!?!!!!!!?! you have an awesome site!! visit mine sometime!!

  19. and now….you are at the dock.. and not replying;..

  20. Banned again. I’ll still play in hope for Ice. And thank you all for your great admiration. I appreciate it.
    Sidfan, just keep trying to achieve it and you will someday 🙂

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