Wow. Just wow. All of you know Burgers Rule had a pretty good website. His workers (Not including me) Held The Site up Well. Doughnut861, one of my great friends, gave me major info on the site. Some of you saw the recent post on the moneymaker. It turns out that the moneymaker caused trouble. Big trouble. There’s only one person that could have done it. Guess who… Chewypup. Why is that he always does too much. He’s gone way out this time. The site info? is now Suspended. Not only that but all of the users on the site got suspended. o.O Thank you! If I actually did any posts, I would have been banned. I do apologize for not posting 😦 From what Doughnut told me, Chewypup used the moneymaking system, said a bad word, got banned, and emailed CP about it (Probably just to run Burger’s Site Of The Web). Who knows, my site may be next. Me and Chewy Were never friends and older penguins remember when this site was the Best CP Blog on the web along with Paintboy100. That’s two reasons to run me off the web. Chewy just wants to act tough and be cool. Two more Things. 1. I’ve Temporarily given Doughnut861 my WordPress user. He won’t be on it much, and I trust him with it. 2. Most of you people don’t believe that CPPorscheinyouCP on Youtube is Ice Survivor. It is. I just wanted to clarify that with all of you that are arguing with me about it. This might be my last post if Chewy Strikes at me. if not, I’ll post sometimes.

-Ice Survivor


3 Responses to “Wow…”

  1. hey dude, i totally believe. Chewy is a power abuser and all he want is fame and to climb to the top all the way. He will do watever he can to stop a person from beating him like wat he have done to Watex site. He is also a power abuser and a liar who loves to threaten people if they don’t give or do whatever he wants, and i have first-up experiences with him too but luckily what he did to ruin my reputation was immediately remove. I really ddon’t trust him at all and I do wish no one does but many still do since they never seen the true Chewy. I hope everything will be alright for you dude and also to every bloggers because whoever he hates and doesn’t like due to childish reason he will use anything within his power to remove each and everyone of us, even if that mean going low and lying instead of’attacking’ us straight forwardly but from behind like a coward and fame-seeker he is, kinda remind me of some dictator/tyrant who wants all control and power above everyone. Well that is all I really want to say even though I know there are more but right now those are the words that I wanted to say while writing this comment. I hope everything will be well for you and the others along with the rest of club penguin bloggers, cya later!

  2. Thanks a lot for that comment. I think I’m going to start up this blog again a little.

  3. hauntedclaw Says:


    Where is he now though?

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