New Map and Dojo Building Process

Yes, this is a little late. I was a little busy yesterday with schoolwork but I’m posting it now. Club Penguin is updating yet again. They updated the map from the first one. This map looks very real for Club Penguin and I like it. It looks like this:

Click the pictures for a full view. I’m working out the sizing and I promise it will get better soon!


The only rooms CP didn’t change are the ski village, the dock, the Members Igloos, the soccer pitch, and the Ice Burg. If you look up at the dojo you will see that it is a TOTALLY different picture. This is because CP is actually doing something with the dojo. Remember that storm that hit CP on Halloween? It hit the dojo pretty hard. So hard, actually, that there’s a hole in the top of the dojo.


Outlined in black are the orange mining helmets! They finally came back after all of these years. Get one before they go away! Once you do that, check out the top of the dojo. Go up the stairs or click the sign that says TO OUTSIDE. This is what the top of the dojo looks like:


First off, outlined in red is me doing a glitch. Most of you know this but I’ll post it anyway. In this picture, I am sitting in an exit. Read here to find out how to do this or scroll down to the next paragraph for more daily info. 


1. Click on a door, a passage way, or anything else that teleports you to a different room.

2. Click on your penguin mail icon. 

3. Wait about 5-10 seconds and then exit out of your penguin mail.

4. You should be standing in the passage way. 

If this doesn’t work, then try keeping your penguin mail open for longer.


Ok, back to daily news. What’s up with that penguin digging snow? Who is he and why is he wearing all that weird stuff to hide his face? I’m sure we’ll all find out soon. 

Here’s a picture of him:


This is just a guess, but since his name has six characters, I think his name might be Sensai. After all, he’s digging on top of a dojo and this may be his dojo and he looks a little Japanese which sometimes means he does kung foo and things like that 😀 Another weird thing is that he’s a GRAY penguin. Usually when CP sets up penguins working somewhere, they’re normal CP colors. For example, the CP Band. They’re normal CP colors like black, red, green, and blue.


More to come at: 

– Ice Survivor – 

If it’s not here, its not official.


P.S. The new official Blog Header is coming soon! Keep a watchful eye out for who’s joining the blog!


5 Responses to “New Map and Dojo Building Process”

  1. Nice post. I’m excited about the ninjas.

  2. I think your right about Sensai.


  4. Umm…. It’s Sensei and Kung Fu. I know, because I’m familiar with these words.

  5. The guy that is digging out the Dojo with six question marks that is Sensei cuz Sensei’s name have six letters and sensei’s color is gray and he has beard and a hat.

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