Hi, If you want to meet me on clubpenguin, Write a comment on this page saying where and when. And put your timezone down too because you might not have Eastern Standard time like me.

                    Ice Survivor  😉


367 Responses to “Meet”

  1. penguinhacker Says:

    ok i want to meet you tommorow (sunday) on tundra in the pool
    i have central time.

  2. penguinhacker Says:

    oh and at 1:00 pm

  3. im actually going to be in NYC tomorrow. When i come back ill post something.

  4. ok i might not be on untill 4:00 p.m. I won’t go to the city untill 10:00 a.m. Eastern Central time.

  5. hey oompaloop! we just met in the town! unexpectedly.

  6. ICEIGG. come to mammoth if you wanna see me online. Thanks for joining cp. Maybe email my dad when you come on and i’ll know when to come on.

    P.S. Just so everyone knows, iceigg is my half-brother.

  7. Icesurvivor, I just found this now a little after 8pm! Will try again tomorrow, and will look for you on mammoth. I tried to find you today, but no luck. I’ll email dad when I log on so he can let you know. If i’m not on, you can have dad email me when you get on, since I am usually around the computer. 😉

  8. Ok hey iceigg. I might not be on untill 5:00 Eastern Standard time.

  9. im back ill go on mammoth as soon as you can go on.

    😉 Ice Survivor 😉

  10. oh and go to the town.

  11. so i just saw my halfbrother and i dont know where he is. Come to the town again and ill be your friend iceigg.

  12. Shippo8263 Says:

    Icesurvior i want 2 meet u at Mammoth at the plaza at 6:30. ill b waiting. If im not there that means mi little brother will b on. i hope i see u. Cya

  13. Shippo8263 Says:

    o by the way i have centerl time srry about that.

  14. well i just saw you in the ski village l0l.

  15. Shippo8263 Says:

    Srry i lost conntion. Can u go bak there?

  16. Shippo8263 Says:

    i did ask u but ur budy list was full.

  17. shippo8263

  18. Shippo8263 Says:

    yah Hi

  19. Shippo8263 Says:

    Wat do u want.

  20. want me to go in the plaza again?

  21. Shippo8263 Says:


  22. Shippo8263 Says:

    what sever r u in?

  23. shippo wanna meet me again in the ski village?

  24. the town actually.

  25. Sunday 5:30 pm ET Grizzly Dojo


  26. I’m usually at Grizzly. I can’t go on Saturday. I have ballet lessons that day (and no, I am not 7 years old. I am double digits.).

  27. Any1 on? Am I talking to myself?

  28. Hey Icysurvivor want to meet? Go to Crunch. Also I am not in England I am in the nyc. I can meet today at 10:50 PM or tomorrow at 10:00 AM (eastern Time!) My name is PC 1203 on cp (wull duh!)

  29. Hey icesurvivor can you meet on Sub Zero tomorow
    or today at 12:00(Pacific Time) My name of course is
    Reilles and can we meet at the Dojo?
    If you can that would be awesome!!!!

    🙂 😀

  30. yeah i think so.

  31. hey Ice y arent u playing

  32. :roll :roll

  33. flippers america saturday the 15 at 1 o clock Central Time
    My name is klusofcool2 and meet at the dojo
    if u would like to know my email address just ask me

  34. ok im free that time.

  35. cool

  36. in stead go to the last flag and big surf at the dojo

  37. can i meet you today,.Mammoth,at about 10:00m E.S.T?

  38. Hello anyne there

  39. Can you meet me at mamath please

  40. at mamath

  41. can you go

  42. i mean mammoth at the pirate ship

  43. are you there

  44. anyone here

  45. Am i in the club

  46. ok ill go there now. I;m there.

  47. are you at mammoth in the pirate ship

  48. are you there now

  49. are you there my name is zaxsd

  50. can you come to mammoth

  51. i have to go

  52. where in mammoth?

  53. yah where?

  54. its the the 22.

  55. that was yesterday. And its the 21st. 22nd is tomorrow. The wordpress blog goes off time a little.

  56. my name is limedorapop. i search the web looking for clubpengiun secrets. im not a member cause my mom wont pay the stuuuupid bill. but anyways…..i dont have my own website but if you would like to meet me and ur in the pacific coast timezone (california timezone)i will be on tommarrow anytime between 1:00 and 2:00. the date tommarrow is 12/22/06. i will be in the server of icicle in the american selecter, if that server is full ill be in the next empty one down. i am peach colored and wear a red bamdana and a red T-shirt. i am ussually in the town, the night club, the pizza shop, the coffee shop, or the ice berg. plz find me.

  57. IS ANYONE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS LIKE 11 15 AM IN THE PACIFIC COAST!!! ANYONE ON!!!!!!!

  58. Yo ill meet u in Mammoth,right now its 8:53PM i live in CAN ONT meet on day be4 christmas at 12:00AM in the Night club top floor l8tz

  59. fuzzydoodlepopo Says:

    meet me today I’m fuzzydoodlep on ice age 11:30 AM central time

  60. fuzzydoodlepopo Says:

    at the HQ

  61. dimond13531 Says:

    ok meet you in snow drift at 11:00-2:00am in toronto time meet u in my igloo on the map

  62. hello you on?

  63. why? did they say if you stay in the dojo wit out moving and i tryed it and they must of lied

  64. and they suck because they lied those morons!!!!

  65. hey my name is katie.. my name on CP is orangegar… ill be on grizly.. 11:30 (i don’t what my time thingy is..but uh.. i live in maryland..) on christmas day..tomarrow…

  66. its kid of true i think. I wouldn’t be sure about the ninja thing but i think it might be true that if your 310 days old and stay in the dojo for 10 min it could possibly happen.

  67. hi ice its me pinky meet me on mamoth to the dojo~!

  68. oh ya its 7:30 write now in amreica i live in MA

  69. u live in Mass.

  70. how do i get pics and info in my blog website!

  71. i live in Mass.

  72. konahomaru2 Says:

    come to my site click on my name

  73. shut up Konahomaru ur site sucks.

  74. ???????????? (hint) squ.... Says:

    ice uve allredy met me and im gonna eat ur head off

  75. ok right now i am in south america and I still have eastern standard time though. Could u meet me on mammoth in the pizza shop at 1. Thanks

  76. wanna meet me 2pm friday? (tommorow) i have eastern time 2. i couldn’t go on cp today for some reason and if i still cant go on tommorow then i’ll email u 😉

    ~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉

  77. ok i think 2 is good for me. Lets meet in the beacon in mammoth. I know how to walk in the lightbulb now ❗ lol. ill be in the lightbiulb.

  78. ok 2 is good too. I can meet both of you.

  79. if i can’t make it can i meet with u tommorow?

  80. are u on cp now?

  81. im on in the lighthouse beacon in mamoth.

  82. ???????????? (hint) squ.... Says:

    do u still hav ur head?!?!??!?!?
    well…. tomorrow…..

    ill have ur head….

    ur tasty tasty TASTY head…..

    ps ima cannible.

  83. grim reepa Says:

    hi ice survivor id like to meet you im a member my name is Grim Reepa please visit this site and write saying its you thank you!!!!! and there is two pics on front page one of a scythe(well im the grim reepa so i need a scythe lol!) and a pic of jeff hardy on a ladder about to crash through two people i love wwe and he is my favorite wrestler so please visit my site gratias! el grim reepa

  84. grim reepa Says:

    uh ? mark dude ur freaking me out k so dont be eatin me now lol

    p.s. do all cannibles act like u if so i dont wanna be ur friend or any others peace flesh eater!

  85. the url for me to sign up on your site wouldnt work but i can meet you today at about 1:00 eastern central.

  86. why not and where and on what server? Also sign up 4 what my club?

  87. are u on right now?

  88. meet me in mammoth in the lighthouse beacon

  89. ok stay there. Ill be right there. Ill be walking in the lightbulb.

  90. hi im gagets(my cp name)can i meet u in mamioth(my fave sever) at my igloo whitch is gagets and how bout 12:00 tomarrow(jan 1 07) i have a site its

  91. meet me at the iceberg at 12:00 in the after noon server mammoth i want to join your army!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. u know how about at 12:30 sever mammoth at the ice berg!i want to join your army!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. … look at this picture.. click my name to see it…

  94. Missingbird Says:

    I really wanna be your buddy! Can you meet me in the server Crystal tommorow at 2:00pm eastern time?
    oh and can u meet me in the agent HQ ? Thanks

  95. no ill be in nyc.

  96. lacrosse601 Says:

    hey dude already met u but just wanted to say hi.

  97. Wobblyman (INC) Says:

    Ice,you there?

    I wana meet you please.
    your pretty cool.

    If you can meet ,me please tell me here

    WWII means Wobbly Wobly Inovation Penguin

    most of you prolly dont know what dat meant

  98. ok maybe now? In the lighthouse in mammoth? Its 900 p.m. right now.

  99. Wobblyman (INC) Says:

    omg so sorry i went upstairs for dinner.. 😦

    if you are still there ill meet you somewhere in mamoth im there now

    its 9:38 pm. EST.

  100. hi ppl i love this wedsight but it would be more cool if it had a cheat

  101. Wobblyman (INC) Says:

    anyone dere


  102. Wobblyman (INC) Says:

    ok i guesse not but Ice if your playing right now id like to meet you

    Plz put your house on the map

  103. meet me in mammoth my name is charge15 at my igloo on the map at
    2:00 on 1/14/o7 eastern staderd

  104. Wobblyman (INC) Says:

    are you there?

  105. hey icesurvivor its me rosnail oh email me at i got to tell u something k

  106. Ice y did u get rid of me

  107. ! ;] :] :0
    😉 🙂

  108. i am hatys here me roar 😈

  109. tomorrow meat me in the pizza parlour exactly 8;00 plz come pinguins place

  110. mammoth tomorrow at 5

  111. snoopy rocks!! Says:

    uhh i’m normally in blizzard or iceberg so i can meet you tomorrow at 8:30pm western time ( washinton, oregon, californa…) and the names highlighter5 (don’t ask)

  112. ç Roman Empire ç Says:


  113. ç Roman Empire ç Says:


  114. Yoyogrumpyr Says:


  115. inuyasha302 Says:

    yo ice are u on?

  116. inuyasha302 Says:

    is any body on

  117. rain drop cc Says:

    ice guy i wanna meet u at 7 o’ clock western time on mammoth in the ski lodge. plz come!

  118. rain drop cc Says:


  119. when is the next meeting

  120. hi plz meet me today if u can on mammoth.bye

  121. Ice Its Hammy!

  122. penguin9463 Says:

    hey what’s up i would really like to meet you tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. i have{u.s.mountain time}in california.see ya 2moro!

  123. i would really like to meet you yeti 4 o clock tomorrow and i am in the eastern standerd time zone

  124. bulblikebob Says:

    Mammoth tomorrow at 1pm central time. Plz meet me there. Club Penguin gets boring with no one to talk to. thanx

  125. Ok meet me in Big Surf Australia time at about 5:00.

  126. sk8ta gurl 7 Says:

    i will meet you be in town!

  127. Frenchfrie48 Says:

    how about today at 4:30?And i do have eastern standard!And my name is frenchfrie48.

  128. i wanna meet you so bad icesurvivor please lets meet tommorow in bigfoot and if bigfoots full then mammoth lets meet at the beacon please i hope you show up unles your reported wich i hope your not cause your cool see yal

  129. rain drop cc Says:


  130. rain drop cc Says:


  131. rain drop cc Says:


  132. rain drop cc Says:


  133. rain drop cc Says:


  134. rain drop cc Says:


  135. rain drop cc Says:


  136. rain drop cc Says:


  137. rain drop cc Says:

    :very angry:

  138. rain drop cc Says:


  139. rain drop cc Says:


  140. rain drop cc Says:


  141. rain drop cc Says:

    : cool :

  142. rain drop cc Says:


  143. rain drop cc Says:

    😎 😎 😎 😎

  144. rain drop cc Says:

    😎 😎 😎 😎 :crying: :crying:

  145. rain drop cc Says:


  146. I want to meet you at the server mammoth at the dock. My penguin name is Magnovox101. I have pacific time. I want to meet you around 1:00 P.M

  147. junior987123 Says:

    hey could i meet ya 2day at 5:30 pacific time on mammoth

  148. Cheezpuff90 Says:

    o my name is Cheezpuff90

  149. meet me on mammoth at 12:00 today im eastern time zone i will be at the pool

  150. plz meet me on mammoth at 1:00 eastern time

    in the dojo plz

  151. meet ma at 5:00pm eastern time in the coffee shop plz plz plz!

  152. Agent! 😎

  153. :angry:

  154. :sick:

  155. :cough:

  156. :laugh:

  157. :sleep:

  158. :throw up:

  159. )-= )-= )-= )-= )-= )-= )-=

  160. hi my name is cody227 meet me at the dock at 450 on mamath on wed. the 21

  161. my name is zam478, and i would like to meet you on mamath on thu. (tommorrow) at 4:00pm (central) please leave a comment if you can come. Oh ya, if you can, meet me in the coffee shop

  162. I would like to meet you on monday, 4:00, mammoth, at the dock. My penguin name is Laford.

  163. sk8ta gurl 7 Says:

    im on every day i want to meet some one and be friends =) right now im on mammoth in the town

  164. um meet me rite now 8:12 Nebraska time

  165. tolop6789 Says:

    Hey!I’ll meet you 9:00 PST On Mammoth at the dock!Look for me!I’m Tolop6789!Saturday,March 10,9:00 PST!Cya there!


  166. Dolafanini Says:

    Yoo, meet you at Um..1:30 Pacific Time at the LightHouse Im Dolafanini!

  167. Meet in my igloo, my penguin name is crystal cat and im a member so i will let you into my igloo

  168. laharl 59 Says:

    i wanna meet u in the plaza at 1:00 pm on club penguin
    and b the way my user is laharl 59

  169. meet me at mammoth at 4:00 am eastern time

  170. polarking98 Says:

    meet me at mamoth et 11:00 dojo

  171. game gandalf Says:

    why dosent this cool smiley work 8)

  172. game gandalf Says:

    8)8)8)8)8)8) it works

    i hope it does

  173. game gandalf Says:

    8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

    does it work now

  174. game gandalf Says:


  175. Anonymous Says:


  176. beach bum Says:

    any one on

  177. beach bum Says:

    how do u do smiley faces

  178. beach bum Says:

    yhea im the 100 person to type

  179. beach bum Says:

    1000 person

  180. Megaward Says:

    ill meet you at snow shoe at 11:30 hope your there and my name is megaward

  181. Jessica Guerrero Says:

    dude meet on the end of the map at auntartic my name is pug6211 and meet me at the coffee shop

  182. wobbles57 Says:

    I fixed it 🙄

  183. carrtsoupi Says:

    hey what up you guys

  184. lilguy574 Says:

    is it the 11th of april or the 12th?

  185. al meet you tomero

  186. Strongbad114 Says:

    yo im strongbad114 meet me at mammoth tommorow at the dock at like 8:00 PST

  187. elharake boo Says:

    meet me at the mammoth at the dock 8:00 am club penguin time

  188. blingking Says:

    8:00 centrel time im kingbling78 on halfpipe but i would go on mammouth but its full so plz go on and meet me at the dock

  189. 10:00 meet me at the mammoth if its not full anyway

  190. oreocheesecake Says:


  191. princesszoe Says:

    19:15 meet me on snow flake in princess zoes igloo(thats my igloo.

  192. princesszoe Says:

    thats in inglish time

  193. Monkeyboy139 Says:

    At 4:00 meet me on husky in the coffie shop. I’m Monkeyboy139. I’ll be on the little couch. iI’m in the eastern time zone.m eastern

  194. Monkeyboy139 Says:

    Not in husky in grivly okay?

  195. Monkeyboy139 Says:

    i ment grizly

  196. can we meet mammoth america in to

  197. can we meet on cp on mittens (uk)
    time: in PA eastern time zone 7:00
    Place:Pizza Parlar
    hope to see u there on May 2,2007

  198. laharl 59 Says:

    can u please meet me on cp. Australian server in big surf, out back or anartic.

  199. laharl 59 Says:

    also we’ll meet at the snowforts in outback.

  200. Cobutay Says:

    Hi can we meet May 7th April 5:00pm plz

  201. Cobutay Says:

    Meet at May 7th at Dock 5:00pm

    On mammoth

  202. fergieferg78 Says:


  203. MATTMAN Says:


  204. MATTMAN Says:


  205. coolcube03 Says:


  206. Blueman121 Says:

    Hi! lets meet at 1:30 (pacific) at server white house. o yay and lets meet on may 19, 2007 (saturday)

  207. Blueman121 Says:

    and one more thing ill be on the map (igloo) Bye!

  208. i love you BLUEMAN121 us soo HANDSOME!

  209. pokemonking4 Says:

    hi its dude pokemon.srry your leaving.anyway where is skullface72.k cya later.

  210. fault123 Says:

    can you meet me on July 4 at mammoth at 4:00 pm pst

  211. sunday may 27 at like 2:00 pm i think im eastern time whatever so meet me on mamoth not at the dock but in the mine, thanx. my penguin name is beetleblue.

  212. can i meet you tomorrow mammoth server dojo 3:12 central time

  213. 3:12 pm ok

  214. mysterio619 Says:


  215. mysterio619 Says:


  216. mysterio619 Says:


  217. doodhjk Says:

    u there?

  218. frozen june 4 2007 at 3 oclock pst at the dock

  219. can u meat me at tundra at 3:00pm today at the dojo?

  220. chewettdude Says:

    anyone on today
    WADDLE ON! chewettdude

  221. natalie Says:

    PS i have ur time! 🙂 I THINK

  222. hey i want to meet you at half pipe 2:00 at the dojo!!! go now!!!!!!!

  223. my name is skullboy 456


  225. NO GO THERE AT 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  226. Skatetop Says:

    just go there now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  227. superguy234 Says:

    meet me at bigfoot at
    ill be on the map!!

  228. Anonymous Says:

    u there superguy

  229. meet me at 6 tomarrow in icicle il be on the map

  230. meet me at 6pm
    tomarrow in icicle il be on the map ok plz come

  231. MATTMAN 5 Says:


  232. meet me on sabretooth sometime my cp is koolboy9010 respond when you can so we can meet on cp

  233. will you meet me at the plorser on the 15th july 2007 plz.

  234. meet me at the clok tower at 5:14 pm on firday the 7/21/07 sorry girl 3 is how u are looking for

  235. jlyndenberg1 (penguins name) Says:

    heyy man sup i would like to meet i in the server auroa in canada and in the snow forts. i have mountain standard time.the time id like to meet u is a at 4:00 pm july the 21 (which is tomorow)


  236. tyler dowling Says:

    i want to meat you

  237. Artic Pirate Says:

    meet me on mittens at dock at 4:30 eastern time my name is Artic Pirate

  238. Haistings Says:

    i wana get the pink black green and purple puffles hope it will be all available same with the other garments an meet me at aug 1 at the wind chill server…at the boiling room

  239. sheridan75 Says:


  240. sheridan75 Says:

    tell me where will we meet and what is ur name and what emote will u use to meet me

  241. sheridan75 Says:


  242. sheridan75 Says:


  243. shannon Says:

    sheridan meet me at server rocky road at the coffee shop

  244. is anyone on?

  245. hey buddy123 Says:

    hi i would like to meet you on big surf at the coffe shop now please

  246. sky boy 10 Says:

    where are you rockhopper/what time/where

    how about down under light house now please

  247. Meet me, Snoman98 at the server Walrus tomorow at 12:00 Cp Time.

  248. hey lad

  249. Where are you rockhopper meet me tomorrow at dojo at 6:30pm

  250. Anonymous Says:

    meet me today rockhopper at 14.45 at the dojo

  251. hi my penguin name is cop 94, meet him today at 7.40 at the….DOJO i may see you

  252. I wanna meet you at school on monday and rip your limbs out for using my account again!

  253. my penguins name is Gabsty meet me on club penguin on saturday at 10:00 pm eastern and the server is bigfoot

  254. ARR..I will ban yoooouu!

  255. peachyflower Says:

    You arent rockhopper

  256. peachyflower Says:

    anyone there

  257. mizzyclubpenguincheats Says:


    Can I Meet You

    On Britain On Deep Freeze

    When,Just Contact My Page =]

  258. ok um someone anyone,meet me at the american server:VANILL CP TIME:11:25

  259. woops in the town!


  261. lol i feel so stupid

  262. OK SCRATCH THAT,U PPL TOOK TO LONG….2 minutes aww geez



  265. OK UM VANILLA NOW!!ON OCT 19 IM SORRY LOL cp time now:11:32

  266. ok,its!!!loooooooooooooool

  267. ok ferget that idea,ive been waiting thirty minutes…no one said they were from here.soo umm nvm

  268. im back from reading all the other sections of the site.and no ones replied to this.I was waiting for like,ever (lol)soooo bored then and soooo bored now,no ones talking!!no on else is on!!!

  269. Anonymous Says:

    boredom is ruling the day……no one will talk…

  270. oops wrong name AGAIN

  271. i am so sorry about that,my mind is set on off today(lol)


  273. doesn’t anyone come here,i mean like its so boring when u get on this then u realize u shouldve been on earlier,becuz the recent commmnets said they have commented.I AM SO BORED1!im gettin on cp now…ill probly be in flippers or mamoth….cp time now:12:26 p.m

  274. ok no not mamoth,i meant hibernate

  275. peachyflower Says:


  276. peachyflower Says:

    brianna meet me on cp at 2:40 pm on survor flurry ok? Meet me in town and add peachyflower

  277. peachyflower Says:

    pretty please!

  278. peachyflower Says:

    anyone here

  279. peachyflower Says:

    that was yesterday

  280. peachyflower Says:

    anyone there? Please come on this site.!

  281. hi anyone still here

  282. peachyflower u still there?whats your penguins name?!?!

  283. oh lol sorry imma comin

  284. peachyflower ur not there cp time right now is 1:05 pm

  285. my penguin as u saw near the middle is linda4564-member

  286. girl u there???

  287. i have an idea,how bout we meet on thursday,server walrus,clubpenguin time 5:00?hows that sound to you?this week i cant get on much…

  288. im guessin u arent there oh well plz reply peachyflower(ill check this later)

  289. when u said 2:40,was that club penguin time?or your time?because my time where i live right now is 11:53 a.m.

  290. ok um,peachyflower you here?!?!?!

  291. i wasnt there,i forgot,i reminded myself the whole day but then when it was 5 cp time i forgot

  292. …..anyone here?

  293. meet me on frosty if not frosty breez 3rd or november 2007

  294. hi this is paco1154 meet me the 4th of november on mammoth 12:00 am centrel

  295. larry punk Says:

    Hey im larry punk (cp name) could u meet me at FROZEN at the dock at 11:00am eastern time

    I live in Pennsylvannia (thats eastern time)

  296. id like to meet u friday Nov. 16th at 6:00 p.m (southern time)

  297. Yo i wanna meet you on icicle tomorrow(thrusday 28) and my timezone is eastern time so meet me at 5:00pm. Ok? see ya!

  298. Yo im sorry i wrote the wrong date it will be the 30 ok bye!

  299. Can u meet me on Sun. 1/13/08 My username is Razo194 o at Mammoth in the Boiler Room at 11:00 A.M if u can. I’ll try to see u there!

  300. O my timezone is Western 😉

  301. Like CP time.

  302. Where r u??

  303. O dang it im Hecka sorry meet me 1/14/08 at 1:00 Boiler Room Mammoth. CP time.

  304. u didnt come just forget everything. 😦

  305. anyone here?

  306. i need serects really bad

  307. i need serects really bad

  308. tell me now please until febuary 29th

  309. Can you meet me at walrus tomorrow at the dojo?

  310. cadetangel Says:

    Hey can you meet me (cadetangel) today at 12:10 p.m. im in the central time zone?

  311. Softangel8 Says:

    hi my name is softangel8 plz meet me at town 1 day BYE

  312. guy thats weird Says:

    are you open tomorrow
    at 6:00pm?

  313. guy thats weird Says:

    never mind i have baseball!

  314. Hey can you go on tomorrow at seven i have the same time as you Frozen Ice Burg

  315. Yeah. Seven PM though? or AM?

  316. Cycle22 Says:

    I made a comment before about wednesday but you said the weekend would be good so thats ok 😉

  317. 5:30 PST this Saturday server Mammoth on my igloo on the member igloos. Tell m if you can meet me on Cp?

  318. Cycle, 50cent. I can meet you both. 50cent, I’ll look for your igloo on Saturday. And Cycle, on Saturday at 3:00 PM PST I can meet you.

  319. Cycle22 Says:

    What place would be good?

  320. Hmmm. Probably Frozen at the Cove.

  321. Cycle22 Says:

    Ok, I’ll try to be there. If I can’t make it I will post here. By the way I am Eastern Standard Time.

  322. Cool. I’m EST too.

  323. ilove cludpenguin

  324. bobcoffee7 Says:

    can u go on flippers right now at the dock im bobcoffee7

  325. It truly is astonishing how acne has grown to be probably the most impacting aspects of teen life in common

  326. What i don’t realize is actually how you’re not actually much more well-liked than you might be now. You are so intelligent. You realize thus significantly relating to this subject, produced me personally consider it from numerous varied angles. Its like men and women aren’t fascinated unless it’s one thing to do with Lady gaga! Your own stuffs great. Always maintain it up!

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