New admin-man101

Hey Everyone,

It’s me man101 (: I have recently became an admin on Ice Survivor’s site 😀 If you want to see my real site.. go to . What will I do on the site?

1. Make contests! First winner will get to add me in Club Penguin!

2. Post about latest penguins banned and latest news on club penguin!

That’s all! Here’s a picture of my penguin:




27 Responses to “New admin-man101”

  1. lol. Were off to a good start.

  2. Cycle22 Says:

    Ice survivor read this please!!!!!!!!! its urgent about man and he will edit this comment probably 😐 THAT IS A HACKEr!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi!

    Cool Post! Let me know if there is anything I could do to help out!


  4. SO sorry I missed the party Ice. Times just really clashed with me and I couldnt make it 😦 😦 😥


  6. It’s ok. The party kinda left us anyway. 3 people in the end including me lol.

  7. Thats not the real man you added I dont think.

  8. Hey Ice, can you add me to your brogroll? Thanks dude!


  9. Can you add me to your brogroll? Thanks!

  10. Wheres the brogroll requriments!?

  11. Omgsh, I am the real man101, I have his e-mail and everything. I CREATED HIM.

  12. Sorry. I realize that now. The imposter tricked me.

  13. planetcazmobetas Says:

    cool! Hey guys wanna be a beta on a virtual world kinda like cp? well you can! visit and press the “Play Now!” button on the sidebar,from there,sign up for a free beta account! Get the beta hat while it lasts!

  14. Cool!
    check out my site please at

  15. thats so cool

  16. mrnooner Says:


  17. hi man1010 its me Vendetta from planet cazmo

  18. Where did u get the beta hat?
    😆 i have 1 too

  19. Im from planet cozmo too but i have viruses.
    i dunno why

  20. Anonymous Says:

    u rock

  21. Anonymous Says:

    u should be on tv

  22. can i have ur hat

  23. man 101 will you be my buddy im 809 days old called bobneil meet brumby dojo in next 5 mins plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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