The Lost Guide

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It is going to become a new page on this site. The page will be called “The Lost Guide”. I don’t want to give much info on it if any. Saying that, I have decided not to give ANY information away on it. You’ll just have to find out on your own. It will come out sometime this week. Keep an eye out for it. 

Wait to see what it is!

– Ice Survivor –!!! If It’s Not Here, It’s Not Official


New Map and Dojo Building Process

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Yes, this is a little late. I was a little busy yesterday with schoolwork but I’m posting it now. Club Penguin is updating yet again. They updated the map from the first one. This map looks very real for Club Penguin and I like it. It looks like this:

Click the pictures for a full view. I’m working out the sizing and I promise it will get better soon!


The only rooms CP didn’t change are the ski village, the dock, the Members Igloos, the soccer pitch, and the Ice Burg. If you look up at the dojo you will see that it is a TOTALLY different picture. This is because CP is actually doing something with the dojo. Remember that storm that hit CP on Halloween? It hit the dojo pretty hard. So hard, actually, that there’s a hole in the top of the dojo.


Outlined in black are the orange mining helmets! They finally came back after all of these years. Get one before they go away! Once you do that, check out the top of the dojo. Go up the stairs or click the sign that says TO OUTSIDE. This is what the top of the dojo looks like:


First off, outlined in red is me doing a glitch. Most of you know this but I’ll post it anyway. In this picture, I am sitting in an exit. Read here to find out how to do this or scroll down to the next paragraph for more daily info. 


1. Click on a door, a passage way, or anything else that teleports you to a different room.

2. Click on your penguin mail icon. 

3. Wait about 5-10 seconds and then exit out of your penguin mail.

4. You should be standing in the passage way. 

If this doesn’t work, then try keeping your penguin mail open for longer.


Ok, back to daily news. What’s up with that penguin digging snow? Who is he and why is he wearing all that weird stuff to hide his face? I’m sure we’ll all find out soon. 

Here’s a picture of him:


This is just a guess, but since his name has six characters, I think his name might be Sensai. After all, he’s digging on top of a dojo and this may be his dojo and he looks a little Japanese which sometimes means he does kung foo and things like that 😀 Another weird thing is that he’s a GRAY penguin. Usually when CP sets up penguins working somewhere, they’re normal CP colors. For example, the CP Band. They’re normal CP colors like black, red, green, and blue.


More to come at: 

– Ice Survivor – 

If it’s not here, its not official.


P.S. The new official Blog Header is coming soon! Keep a watchful eye out for who’s joining the blog!

I Am Coming Back!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes!!! It’s true. The Ice Survivor is returning!!! CHEATS, GLITCHES, AND EVERYTHING ELSE I USED TO DO!!! This isn’t a dream. This is true. I will be starting my daily posts again after the Halloween party ends! I actually will be doing pictures too. Most of you know my fairly new penguin, Innerporsche. I still have him and here’s a pic of him:

As items come back out again I will be making him look just like Ice Survivor.

Other Cool News: Ice Survivor just turned 900 days old yesterday! 

That little guide on the fame isn’t going up because with all these posts, you will be able to find fame. Just try to make great posts on CP hints and things 😉 

In other news, the Halloween party this year is amazing. The CP team did a great job on this one. I will be changing the header very soon and I’ve picked people to be part of this blog with me. They have to accept the opportunity and then I will add them to this blog. The people I am asking to join are Doughnut861 and Fuzziekiwie. I may ask a few more people, but this blog will turn into somewhat of a team blog. I realize that I could do this blog by myself but Id rather not be against someone else with a blog 🙂 And besides, with more bigger names to this blog, I might be able to get a few thousand more hits. 

So there you have it. I am coming back and working on this blog! Anyone who sees me on Innerporsche can still call me Ice Survivor or Ice, Icey, whatever you want. Hope everyone comes back daily to the blog! My goal is to try to get to 300,000 hits by the end of this month. I know I probably can’t because I have to get back all of you guys so please come back!!!!


Thank you for coming to read this and I hope you have a great time on my blog – Ice Survivor


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Wow. Just wow. All of you know Burgers Rule had a pretty good website. His workers (Not including me) Held The Site up Well. Doughnut861, one of my great friends, gave me major info on the site. Some of you saw the recent post on the moneymaker. It turns out that the moneymaker caused trouble. Big trouble. There’s only one person that could have done it. Guess who… Chewypup. Why is that he always does too much. He’s gone way out this time. The site info? is now Suspended. Not only that but all of the users on the site got suspended. o.O Thank you! If I actually did any posts, I would have been banned. I do apologize for not posting 😦 From what Doughnut told me, Chewypup used the moneymaking system, said a bad word, got banned, and emailed CP about it (Probably just to run Burger’s Site Of The Web). Who knows, my site may be next. Me and Chewy Were never friends and older penguins remember when this site was the Best CP Blog on the web along with Paintboy100. That’s two reasons to run me off the web. Chewy just wants to act tough and be cool. Two more Things. 1. I’ve Temporarily given Doughnut861 my WordPress user. He won’t be on it much, and I trust him with it. 2. Most of you people don’t believe that CPPorscheinyouCP on Youtube is Ice Survivor. It is. I just wanted to clarify that with all of you that are arguing with me about it. This might be my last post if Chewy Strikes at me. if not, I’ll post sometimes.

-Ice Survivor

New Catalogs and Pin!

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Dont forget about Walrus!  Well, Mammoth is messed up, Frozen is packed, and Toronto’s server, Iceland, is only really famous because of Toronto.  So now, me and my buddy Aggron are sponsoring a movement to get ppl to server WALRUS AT THE ICEBURG!  Me and Aggron will be there daily, and I will also add MANY people there on Tyrannoguy!  Here is a poster describing it:

Well, for once Im IMPRESSED with the catalog!  They brought back the Cowboy Boots, Pink and Black Cowboy Hats, and the Bow Tie!  But, the new items were impressive, and they DIDNT BRING BACK ANY NEW INTRUMENTS!  Well, here are the secrets:

Click the Puffle Belt for the Viking Helmet!  Click it four times for the Blue Viking Helmet!

Click the Divers Suit’s control panel for the Divers Helmet!

Click on the top right of the Green Tabard for the Woodman’s Hat!

Click the white part of the Emerald Hat for the Crystal Staff!

Click the right Green Rubber Boot for the Cheesy Necktie!

Also, with the Conductor’s Suit and Bow Tie, you can do this awesome new dance:

Now for the wig catalog.  Once again, they were wierd, the Supreme Diva and the Messiness.  There is one secret:

Click The Spikester for the Spikette!

Now for the pin!

The new pin is a Firework!  It is at the Cove on the umbrella!


Calculator is back!

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Hey guys it’s me man101,

I saw that my friend Calculator is back! On his site, HE IS GIVING AWAY FREE PENGUINS IF YOU GUESS A NUMBER 1-500 CORRECTLY! Here is a picture of the first penguin:












New Sports Catalog and Rockhopper Returns!

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This post is from my site,!

Im still on my vacation, and will be until Sunday.  Just had some spare time.  CP info below:

Well, Disney once again Belly Flopped into these new events.  Here is the sports catalog info:

Well, the Sports Catalog fell below expectations.  Though there was a cool new background, most of the items were predicatble.  There are Basketball Jerseys, and a football, basketball, and football.  There is no new furniture, though the Basketball Goal and Scoreboard returned.  Oh, and try dancing with only the Soccer Ball on.  You kick it around with your flippers!  Here are the catalog secrets:

Click the Soccer Ball for the Cleats!

The nexct secret is tough.  Click the Surfboard that the penguin is holding so it changed into the Daisy Surfboard:

Then, go to the left and click both of the shells on the beach:

Then, the penguin on the right should now be holding the Silver Surfboard!

Now for Rockhopper.  The free item we are all mostly disappointed with.  It was one of my first few free items.  Have a look:

Not only did the Parrot return, but two old furniture items returned, and an old favorite was redone for this new Rockhopper Catalog.

Sigh, another typical day of returning items and a couple new ones.