Sneak Peak!

If you’re coming to the party, I’ve well prepared my igloo for the time I’ve been back on CP (I think so anyway).


Here’s a little preview of my igloo:


Can’t wait to see you tomorrow! Thanks for the support!


And for the people who don’t know the info, here it is:

The party is on Saturday the 31st of May. It will be for Ice Survivor’s 255,000 hits party. You can meet me at the dock at around 3:00 P.M. PST. It will be held in the server Frozen. I’ve added a little twist to this party though. You could win a raffle! I WILL NOT pick favorites. I’ll just pull two names out of a hat, so don’t be sad if you don’t win – I’ll gave TONS more raffles :smile:. Here are the prizes:


2nd Prize: You get added to my buddy list! You can choose to be on Skullhunter5’s buddy list (he’s a nonmember, and a little rare), or Innerporsche’s buddy list (my new penguin but he’s a member).


1st Prize: You win 2nd Prize and get your player card posted on the blog!




-Ice Survivor/Innerporsche


3 Responses to “Sneak Peak!”

  1. Garrett786 Says:

    hey dude I dont no what Server but I want to go What Server Is it on????!!!!

  2. Oh. Sorry. I didn’t put the info on it lol. *2 minutes later*. Ok, I edited the info in.

  3. Cycle22 Says:

    Have a nice party. I hope a lot of people come 😉

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