New Sports Catalog and Rockhopper Returns!

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Im still on my vacation, and will be until Sunday.  Just had some spare time.  CP info below:

Well, Disney once again Belly Flopped into these new events.  Here is the sports catalog info:

Well, the Sports Catalog fell below expectations.  Though there was a cool new background, most of the items were predicatble.  There are Basketball Jerseys, and a football, basketball, and football.  There is no new furniture, though the Basketball Goal and Scoreboard returned.  Oh, and try dancing with only the Soccer Ball on.  You kick it around with your flippers!  Here are the catalog secrets:

Click the Soccer Ball for the Cleats!

The nexct secret is tough.  Click the Surfboard that the penguin is holding so it changed into the Daisy Surfboard:

Then, go to the left and click both of the shells on the beach:

Then, the penguin on the right should now be holding the Silver Surfboard!

Now for Rockhopper.  The free item we are all mostly disappointed with.  It was one of my first few free items.  Have a look:

Not only did the Parrot return, but two old furniture items returned, and an old favorite was redone for this new Rockhopper Catalog.

Sigh, another typical day of returning items and a couple new ones.



5 Responses to “New Sports Catalog and Rockhopper Returns!”

  1. Hey Ice.
    This Is Detroit87.
    Remember Me?????
    I Played Find 4 With You A
    While Back. Well Anyway If
    You Want My Penguin It Is Up
    For Grabs. If you dont want it thats
    fine Cause I Am Quitting

    NAME: Detroit87
    AGE: 650ish days
    PINS: Everything after the Pencil Pin
    CLOTHES: Oldest LightHouse Shirt
    Password: Edited By Ice Survivor – I don’t want anyone hacking. Detroit, don’t quit! I’m just finding some of my great friends and your one of them! Please don’t QUIT!

    Well That is how long the password is 😉


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  4. uoy he hdjdhtryy

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