The Army/ Mascot Gone Wild?

Today, I’ve joined the UAA. It’s run by Aggron. You can check it out by clicking this link or copying and pasting it into your Address Bar: Anyway, We have a battle planned on Memorial Day with the Evil Santas. We had a surprise while practicing today though. They surprisingly fought us early. You can watch the war happen on the Server Frozen in the Dojo at 4:30 P.M. PST. In the army, I’m Skullhunter5, a nonmember. Please go to the official UAA Blog, and join us. To name a few, I’m joined with Burgers Rule, Aggron, Roket Boy, and many more famous people. Again, please join the UAA!


Many of you are probably wondering why I put Mascot Gone Wild in the title. Here’s why: As I mentioned before, Roket Boy is in the UAA. He’s our Mascot. He was trying to get a good outfit on. He wanted the perfect Mascot-like outfit. Look at these pictures, and tell me, do these look Mascot-Like, except for the last one (We chose that outfit).

Outfit #1.




Outfit #2.




Outfit #3.




And this is the Outfit we chose.




And Lastly, this is just a picture of the Evil Santas saying that they rule.




That’s all for now!


-Innerporsche/Skullhunter5/Ice Survivor


3 Responses to “The Army/ Mascot Gone Wild?”

  1. greatpip Says:

    i saw the evil santas today.

    -greatpip of ACP

    p.s. i hope i can help battle with u guys against the evil santas since the rest of ACP will be off.

  2. I’m sure you’ll be able to. Just go to the link on the top of the post and ask Aggron.


  3. cpstreaker22 Says:

    hey lol there i am in the pic [penguin38006423] lol we do rule

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