Sad News For The Site

As you know, Billgreen, A.K.A. Andy21230 works here – He still does. He’s really having a problem. He said “I’m virtually dying!”, and “I need the Black Beanie SOOOOOOOOOO bad!!!!!”. So as you can see, he really wants the black beanie lol. Now he quit. The downside? Billgreen quit and I doubt he will post here. It could turn out like me though. I came back after like a year or so. Now the Upside: I’m now the respectful owner of Andy21230! I doubt you’ll see me though because Andy’s friends don’t believe me that he quit. Most likely, I’ll be on Innerporsche, or skullhunter5 (just for wars).  




I’ll post more about this if anything changes.


Goodbye Billgreen… 😥


Last, if anyone would like to donate a penguin with the black beanie to Billgreen, say so. You can email me the username and password if I say so. That will go directly to Billgreen.


Thank you!


-Ice Survivor-


6 Responses to “Sad News For The Site”

  1. Cycle22 Says:

    Thats sad 😦 CP might give it for Cpip (maybe) Or it might be in the next catalog. Good luck finding a penguin.

  2. I think it was a free item near the Beta times. I wouldn’t even be happy if they let out the beta hats or black beanie again, even though I didn’t have them. I’ll tell Billgreen he has supporters lol.

  3. They should have the Black beanie back soon, I do have penguins with the black beanie but a lot of other people know the pass too so it would probably get banned.


  4. Thank you purpalooloo for your support but im looking for one to keep.

  5. Fluffycatfan Says:

    black beanie? huh? you mean the black toque?

  6. andy21230 Says:

    Yes thats the same thing.
    Do you have 1?

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