Well, Just Read This:




I hope you all can come!!!

This is to 50cent and Cycle. I’m so sorry I couldn’t meet you guys yesterday. I sprained my ankle bad and I had to go get crutches. If you can make it to the party, I’ll be both your buddies along with the raffle winners.


– Ice Survivor/Innerporsche


29 Responses to “Finally!”

  1. Sweet, I am so going. (if i can make it)

  2. Gonna try and come!

  3. Cycle22 Grand Fajito Legion Major Says:

    I’ll try to come, I hope you feel better.

  4. Cycle22 Says:

    Woah what happened to my name. Lol. Weird glitch 😛

  5. Thanks guys. I hope I feel better too. Fell in a hole today by accident. I’ve added your names to the hat.

  6. Nice Subtitle for your blog. lol 😎

  7. Cool! But it’s at 1 am! Sorry can’t make it!!

  8. (1 am my time lol)

  9. That sucks. I’ll be posting screenshots though anyway just to show you what it was like.

  10. For the love of….. Sorry. Cant make it….. Me and Dobby have same time in real life. 😦 Sorry dude.


  11. hmm. I a lot more people have that problem, I’ll change the time.

  12. Ok, cool. I’ll try to make that one! Comment on my site at :


  13. Anonymous Says:

    I’ll be there……..

  14. matthewrulez Says:

    wops I’m anymous

  15. Cycle22 Says:

    I AM SO SORRY BUT I CAN’T COME. IT IS MY BEST FRIEND’S BIRTHDAY IN REAL LIFE SO I CAN’T COME. Maybe we could me another time 😦 Once again I am really sorry I can’t come 😥

  16. Thats fine with me. We just need a date for it.
    And I just looked at Burger’s site. GREAT JOB Cycle on the igloo contest. Now I’m excited to see you igloo! 🙂

  17. i mean ill really try to come

  18. Cycle22 Says:

    I could post a picture or we could find a time when you could come see it 😉

  19. I saw it in the newspaper. It was one of the best ones! I truly mean that too.

  20. Hi Innerporsche! I liked the party! IT WAS SO COOL!!! If u have another, email me at See ya later dude! P.S. Im legolords friend too. kk? Bye!

  21. Another thing… did ur account, Ice Survivor really get banned forever?

  22. Thanks Jmike! I loved the party because I met two great friends! You and legolord. And yes, Ice Survivor really got banned. I’ll never forget that day. I was having Penguin Idol (American Idol with Penguins) and some idiot was fighting with me. I pretended to say a cuss word and get banned. I didn’t say a cuss word. I just logged off. When I tried to log back on a minute later, I was banned forever. That’s the story.

  23. P.S.S.S.S. Did i win the raffle? P.S.S.S.S.S. Im making a lot of P.S.’s! LOLZ!

  24. Im sooooooo srry to hear that

  25. And that night at the party, what i tried to tell u and legolord, was that my mom died of breast cancer last Feb. on the fifteenth. P.S. Could w hang out on club pengin sometime?

  26. P.S thnx for lettin me come to the party! IT WAS AWESOME!!!

  27. hello?

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