Ice here. Sadly, I haven’t posted. I’ve been very busy with a few things having to do with school, parties, Porsche clubs, and more. I’d like to thank Cfai for posting the new party. *Thanks*. As for Billgreen, he’s been VERY busy also. I’ve just seen the new party. Along with the summer party, this is one of THE best decorated parties. The ice rink, the beach, the everything. Something just caught my eye though. If you take a look, you’ll see that the ski mountain building looks like an angry robot. 


UPDATE: You can see this from the left side of the town too.



The next post will have the party I’m holding! It’s my 255,000 Hits Party! Yes, I know we already got passed 250,000 hits, but as I said in the beginning of this post, I’ve been REALLY busy. It will probably start at Billgreen’s igloo. From there, we’ll move around the server. I’ll update this post to show a preview of my igloo, since we’ll probably go to my igloo also. All staff members will try to attend the party for as long as they can. That’s all I can say for now.

Until then,
-Ice Survivor/Innerporsche where “If It’s Not Here, It’s Not Official”.


16 Responses to “Weird?”

  1. ___*bm!$+*___ aka blackmist100 Says:

    hey awesome. ur back! i’m so happy.
    please check out!

  2. Finally Closed in on your hopes. Glad your back old buddy. Sorry to tell you but i deleted my site, but i have a new one. Im so happy!

  3. We still are good friends right? I hope. We had lots of fame. I wish Ice Survivor was unbanned.

  4. Hey, you added me today! Thanx!

  5. Please read my latest post on my site 😦

  6. cool your back! please come to we have an awesome site! but we need hits.

  7. Cycle22 Says:

    Awesome! You are back! You know your site was the first cp blog I ever saw 😀 I would like to meet you sometime.

  8. Any time Doughnut! And Cycle, probably on the weekend I can meet you. It would be my pleasure.

  9. Cycle22 Says:


  10. Hey Ice what penguin do you use now for CP? Do you use Skull Face?

  11. Go on Cp now. Frozen! Dock. Im a non member!

  12. Sorry. I just got the message now. I just shouted Hydra Cell, so I guess your not there.

  13. I use Innerporsche. He’s a member. I have a pic on one of my previous posts.

  14. Did Skull Face 72 get banned forever?

  15. No. I’m not sure. It was my friend’s user though. He probably changed the pass on it.

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