Friday Updates (By Ice Survivor)

It’s Friday. Time for updates in catalogs and pins. Today the play “Twelth Fish” came back to CP. It’s actually nice. Check it out when you get a chance. Anyway, I actually have the pictures of things today :smile:. 

For the pin: If your on in the morning, you might try getting the pin i the afternoon. 

See why. Oh yeah, and its in the coffe shop lamp above the sidewards couch.


Once you put your cursor over it, it will fall. It wont fall on the couch though – It will fall on the floor. In this picture, it’s right behind Jcoop6.

If you can’t get the pin because someone is covering it, just hold the tap button on the keyboard, and click where you want to go. 🙂 


– Ice Survivor/Innerporsche



8 Responses to “Friday Updates (By Ice Survivor)”

  1. Im gonna add you to my blogroll. You can add me to yours if you want.

  2. kk. *Adds Burgers To Blogroll*

    Thanks. This’ll get me hits.

  3. If you need a worker on this site who updates at 6:00 is the morning (CRAZY early), give me a toot. I’m gonna make you an editor on my site because I think you deserve it.

  4. ok I will. And do you have AIM?

  5. Hey! Awesome blog : D Can you add me to your blogroll? If you comment on my site, I will add you. THX!

  6. No my parents hate the chatting thing. They are the “You Will Run Into Bad People” sort of parents.

  7. ok lol. A lot of my friends have parents like that anyway. No Harm. Thanks for posting.

  8. Oh np I just posted my opinions to. You can delete it if you dont like it.

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