Igloo Contests And Other “Things”.

So, I’ve added my final two people to the blog as you can see. They’re Billgreen and Cfai Unknown. We’ll all be judges for the igloo contests I’m holding! Every week, we’ll post a different theme. For example, this week I’ll make the theme electronics. You’ll be rated on creativity, older furniture, and arrangement. This will be a page. I hope this raises the hits on my site a little. The reason I say this is because you get prizes. You can read about the whole thing on the new page called “Igloo Contests”. 


Anyway, in my last post I said that I would write a story called famous in a week. Instead of it being a post, it’ll be a page. It’s coming soon. And as I said, for all you wanna-bees out there, this story could make your dreams come true (since it’s based on my fame history).

Tomorrow, I’ll post the newspaper, then on Friday I’ll post the new events such as the new play. 

My last thing to say is that, if Billgreen agrees, we at Icesurvivor.wordpress.com will be hosting a 255,000 hits party. Billgreen will probably decorate his igloo for it. 

Keep the hits coming CP fans!

The more you come, the more I’ll post.


-Ice Survivor

If it’s not here, it’s not official.


One Response to “Igloo Contests And Other “Things”.”

  1. my igloo is so cool its got loads of fires on the wall and lots of stone lanturns

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