Billgreen Agreed!

Again, the title says it all! I’m so happy. Billgreen agreed, and that means that me and him are now the admins of this site. We both will be hosting all parties, events, and everything. He will be making a post when he gets on his computer. Until then, I have something else for you to wait for. The new header! I just realized that I should have done this a LONG LONG time ago. I didn’t. Now that I realize it, I’m making the header right now. The new motto of this site is “If It’s Not Here, It’s Not Official”. So that’s good. With Me and Billgreen running this site, this site will be amazingly popular. I know this because the first day his site was created, he got 1,000 hits the first day. That’s no joke. I KNOW this will be a great addition to this site, so be prepared to read the beast CP stuff there is.

That’s my news.


And one last thing. For all you wanna-bees out there, you might get to be famous in CP yourself! My next post will be a story by me called “Famous In A Week”! All this stuff from the Official CP site!


-Ice Survivor/Innerporsche


P.S. Billgreen is also Andy21230 (I might be on that account too)




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