Hello everyone! I hope you all read one of my earlier posts about the party I’m having. I figured out that I can’t do the party at 3:00 P.M EST, but at 3:00 P.M Penguin Standard Time. There’s that, and I just wanted to show you what my igloo looked like, just so you know your at the right igloo. I also wanted to show you my official outfit, so you can recognize me. I’ll post the updates after the party, not that I want to, because the old crown is out again. Anyway, you’ll see me, I’ll add you as a friend, and I guess we’ll see how it goes. 

Remember one more thing. It’s on Mammoth!!! I’ll always be on that server, just so you know.

And one more thing before I post the pics. Today is my 45th day back in CP. I now have a tour hat, and yeah lol. 

Here are the pics:


My New Official Look:




Here’s my Igloo for the party. I think I did pretty well considering that I haven’t been on CP that long.


My Party Igloo

Remember, The new catalog pics are coming after the party. I hope to see you there at 3:00 P.M. Penguin Standard Time.

Your friend at icesurvivor.wordpress.com, Innerporsche/Ice Survivor


5 Responses to “Updates”

  1. Hey Survivor wanna meet on CP sometime?

  2. Sure. We can do it now. Comment back if you can.

  3. I can meet right now!

  4. cool site!! your 5th on the top 10 clubpenguin wordpresses!!! i saw it on duddlas site! visit my site:

  5. Yeah, actually I’m sorta 4th. Paintboy is quitting so I think I take his place on the charts.The top two (Duddla and Waterboy) aren’t really that great. Just because they run the site doesn’t mean they’re the best. I think then, since they’re counting it by hits, I would be the second beast CP blog. 🙂

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