A Fresh, New Glitch

Well, I’m not sure if this one has been released by anyone else yet, but I’m telling you anyway. Can you sit where I can? Take a look:

Me Doing A New Glitch


Can you do that? If not, here’s how:

I was just cart surfing to get some coins. When I finished, someone sent me a friend request. I opened it as I was walking to the opening of the mine. When I answered, I just stayed at the opening. I thought that was cool. It’s just like the glitch to stay at the signs in the town, which doesn’t work for me anymore. Anyway, have fun with that glitch. 

And also, that’s my new outfit. Not that amazing, but at least it has a hidden item in it. If you don’t know how to get the silver surfboard, here’s a quick tutorial on it. 

In the sports catalog, go to the surfboard page. Click on the surfboard that the penguin is holding. Then, click on the starfish. Then the shell. The penguin should now be holding a silver surfboard for 800 coins. 



3 Responses to “A Fresh, New Glitch”

  1. Ice Survivor!!!! Omg!!!! You still play CP? Remember me?? It’s Ed324!!! Icy Fresh 2 and Ice Survivor are still on my buddy list!!! Omg!!! Please comment me site!!

  2. Your back! SO COOL MAN!

  3. OURCHAP Says:

    can i be ur buddy plz

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