Missing? And the Party!

Most of you have had the friend glitch happen to you. If you don’t know what that is, then I’ll tell you. If you know this, then skip to the next paragraph. The friend glitch is when you make a friend on CP. Let’s say it’s me.  You’d think I’m your friend unless I deleted you, right? Well right now, that’s not what’s happening. When you log off, the friend gets deleted.  For me the friend comes back on your list in about a day though.  For most people, the friend gets deleted until you find that friend again.

Now that you know what the friend glitch is, it’s almost the same with my furniture. I don’t know what it’s like for you, but all of the furniture that I had an equal number of dropped down one less piece of that furniture. It’s weird and frustrating.

In other news, I know I’ll get trampled for not telling you penguins who I am, so I guess I’ll tell you, and to meet me, I’ll be making a baseball field for the World Series in my igloo for my returning to CP. I’m also making a baseball field to show my CP spirit. My penguin’s name is Innerporsche. My dad has a Porsche, and I couldn’t think of anything better, so that’s my name. It’s not my best choice to say it, but it’s better than being asked about who I am all the time. The party will be next Saturday at 3:00 P.M. EST. I’m nervous about it because I haven’t really done much to my igloo. And I think you’ll enjoy this. It’s called the Return Of The Penguins. It’ll be a movie by me and Billgreen. Billgreen wanted me to tell you who he is now also. He’s Andy21230. This movie will get me and Billgreen’s rep back up on top of the charts. I’m also letting Billgreen be an admin on this site if he wants to be. I’m sure he’ll take the job.


The great update is the Return of Rockhopper and Yarr. I haven’t seen them, and some people are saying Rockhopper’s cabin door will be unlocked on Monday. We’ll have to find out. The pin is in the Ski Village. You have to click on the red “X” across from the Sport Shop. I was in NYC yesterday, and I was on a PC so I couldn’t take any screenshots because I forgot how to on a PC. Don’t tell me how anyway because I don’t have one. But yesterday, on the beach there were free shirts for nonmembers by a boat. In the catalog, there was a flowerpot too for members. Today they released the free sailor hats for nonmembers in the plaza, and the new sports catalog was released. The first page has many baseball products, so if you want to make an awesome baseball igloo, now is the best time, because it’ll be popular.


Anyway, I think that’s it. Next week, I will start taking screenshots like I used to. The video club isn’t coming (I’m not surprised because I just started running the site again), so I’ll let it rest for a while until I get more viewers and more people in the club. The same four questions on the Club page are still required.


Your friends: Innerporsche and possibly Billgreen


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  1. i looove ur site!!

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