The Return Of The Penguins and Recent Updates

The title says it all. Can you guess who actually is coming back? Me, Billgreen, Amanda Cutie, I doubt Clayton actually
cares about CP anymore, but he’s unbanned too. Also, any other famous penguins have been unbanned. This is how we found out:

Yesterday, Billgreen and I were talking about CP because I gave him my oldest nonmember account which is skullhunter5, and he said that Clayton was unbanned. Clayton was never really my friend, but I was suprised about it, so I checked my account. I forgot my password, so I changed it and there it was. Just a one hour ban. I checked Billgreen’s account for him since he was on his cell phone. He forgot his password and gave me what he thought was his password. It was wrong. It said incorrect password, which means that he wasn’t banned. If you gave the right or wrong password, it would just say that you were banned. So either CP will keep the one hour ban note or unbann me. I E-mailed CP about the ban too and they said they’ll fix that. I didn’t say any names though, just to keep it safe. I also didn’t mention any names because CP hates me and Billgreen.

With that happy note, lets get to recent updates.

On Friday, CP released its new igloo catalog. There is now a backyard igloo I guess you’d call it. It’s pretty much the 2 story igloo with grass on the first floor. You can also add grass to the second floor. This igloo makes a good garden/outdoor habitat. In the furniture catalog there are flowers, plants, and tons of outdoor decorations. You’ll find it pleasant in most outdoor igloos :D. Also, the CP clock tower broke down, along with other clocks in CP including the clock in the ski lodge. This Friday (April 25th), Rockhopper and Yarr are returning because the Migrator is complete.

Lastly, I submitted a comic strip to CP. It’s my first try at it, so it isn’t that amazing, but here it is:

I’ll be showing pictures in the next few weeks of CP.

Your friend – still not telling you until I get to know all of you.


2 Responses to “The Return Of The Penguins and Recent Updates”

  1. Hmm. thats wierd, someone hacked my account and said “billgreen password?” šŸ™„

  2. that IS weird. And BTW, CP won’t unban me from the one hour ban. It sucks for me, but I have other users.

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