What Expierienced Penguins Know That You Should Know Too

Ok so where should I start off? Ok here. First this is Ice Survivor A.K.A. someone whos name I don’t want to tell you. So, I made a new user and am a member. only my new friends on CP know who I am. For safety, I don’t tell anyone who I am because I would get perma-banned in a snap. The reason I’m saying this is because 1: I’m back as someone else, and 2: to tell everyone not to become popular in any way. Because of my absence, you’ve all left the site. I guess that’s fine. But anyway, if you attempt to become famous or popular or even say a word about yourself being rare or precious, hackers will automatically see that as an opportunity to hack you. Anyone can be a hacker. If you think about it, any one of your friends could be hackers. I’m saying this for any new penguins so they can stay unbanned. That’s my fist tip in a long time.

In other news

I’ll make friends through this site again and I’ve made the decision to continue the video club.


The club will meet at my igloo. And also, sorry to anybody that’s not really my friend or that I haven’t met in CP yet, you can’t be in the club. It’s for my own safety.

Anyway the club will meet at my igloo and the time will be at 5:00 P.M. EST unless I say otherwise.

New updates Since I’ve Benn Gone

A LOT, just A LOT. To name a few, the movie theatre was created and there’s a mummy theme I guess (I haven’t really checked it out yet.)

Also, the game Aqua grabber was created. You can find it at the ice berg.
The gift shop and sports shop have different clothing now. I’ll post about the agent missions when I’m 30 days old on CP. There’s a few more igloos, and organ, and more things (too many to add.)

SO until then, comment on this and I’ll make friends with you guys and girls. We’ll see how this works out.

You’re old friend Ice Survivor and now someone else.


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