I Spent Too Long

Well, All of you are probably wonder “Wheres Ice Survivor?!?!?” Well, Here’s the answer. I’ve been working on colesinger.com TONS. You guys have no idea what Its like to have 3 sites and one of them being a domain name and the other getting constantly worked on. Anyway, I’ve lost many fans. My site wasn’t hacked by the way (My WordPress, This one). I just haven’t been on it in a while. I won’t be posting on this site as often as I used to either.

However, I thought I’d make it up to you. You know how you havent seen me in a long time? (About as long as I haven’t posted). Well, you have! I’m actually Skull Face72!!!

Also, To see me, Go to the run 4 Heart I’ll be there. All your friends will too. To read it, Click Here It’ll be fun! You get to see me and everything. I hope you guys come.


7 Responses to “I Spent Too Long”

  1. well now your finaly back. but you told me you got hacked! o well thats not important.

    http://www.rantran.wordpress.com and dont forget to join my forums!

  2. I did. lol. I’m still banned forever,

  3. cittymaster Says:

    I dont get it how did you get banned?

  4. dingdong152 Says:

    Wow. Thats terrible. Keep going with your other sites. I guess getting hacked happens to lots of people…


  5. starobary Says:


  6. seriously!
    where are you?!?!?!?
    It’s April now and this post was made in March lol

    visit http://www.angel8o.wordpress.com right now!! 😉
    -don’t like it? no prob, at least check out the pics & edits
    Much ♥
    ~A8o 😀
    Header Business now open!! :mrgreen:

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