Pizzatron 3000

Hey how do you like this new game? Its an OKAY game for me. Here are some screenshots.

They finally used this part of the Pizza Parlor. This is where the new game is.

This is my high score so far

This is the trigger you press to play the candy level. It is on the page you go to when you press yes to play pizzatron 3000.

This is the candy level.

This is the regular level.


7 Responses to “Pizzatron 3000”

  1. rockoutlouddude Says:


  2. longtime penguin Says:

    i keep trying to click the lever and it doesnt work.

  3. coolcat11 Says:

    it does work you idiot i did it and it was super fun

  4. i wuv roxy Says:

    i dosent work 4 me

  5. i finished the entire game. you get lots of extra coins! the trick is the do it slowly and not rush because you will miss it. and also grab the sauce before the pizza shows up and put on while its not on the screen. it wirkes almost every time. if you play the candy level you get double coins!

  6. and also spread the sauce horizontally from top to botttom. its quicker! im the club penguin expert! i know everything! if you want to meet me and ask me a question im on outback in australia. my penguin name is Puffleluva46!

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