New Things In CP

Hey! SO sorry we havent posted for like 2 weeks or so but anyway, we have our new clubpenguin things here, right now:

The Mighty Clock Tower: It is in the snow forts.


Words About The Clock Tower:


And how mysterious. Flying Tubes. When you put your curser over the tubes in the dock, they bounce.


Also mysterious. A floating shovel. I couldnt get a good shot of it floating but if you put your curser over the shovel in the beach, it floats and picks up sand.


When the bucket fills up fully…


Click on the shovel again and you give yourself a sand castle!


If you find any more hidden floating bouncing etc., Tell me and I’ll put it up. 😉


11 Responses to “New Things In CP”


  2. i know about da tubes a while ago but not da castle 🙂

  3. um the light goes out in the ski lodge if u move ur curser over it, put ur curser on the speaker in the corner of the gift and sport shop it will beat. in the gift shop, sport shop and pizza parlor, pur ur curser on the phone, book or register, and u will c wat hapenz! the horse in the lodge attic movez! it rockz back n 4th, in the pet shop, rol ur curser ova the puflez in da bed, all of dem wil jump xcept da blak 1, move ur cursa ova da pufle food next 2 da emploes door n a gren pufle wil b eatin it! move ur cursa ova da fish, it wil jump, move ur cursa over da blak pufle. he wil open hiz i and dats all.

    You can fix da spelling

  4. cooool dude you are the best but i didnt read it yet

  5. This is the coolest website!

  6. no way its says old things

  7. your website is rocking

  8. OMFG…come on its already december.

  9. Thats the day I started cp
    not december the day he posted this

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