How Could He?

Did u here the news? Earl3 was banned Forever so 😥 He was becoming a jr. hacker. I almost did it with him too (Superguy900) He got WPE pro did the little hacks and BOOM! HES BANNED. I am so sad I wonder how king cobra 1 does it! How could Earl hack? Lets try to get him unbanned now! Lets please all email CP so we can get Earl unbanned. I’ll gave you a reason. He is the REAL glitch master (Ok, I admit it) And to tell the truth, I learned one glitch from Earl. He taught me how to walk on igloo walls. So Please Everyone! Lets try to give Earl some fame and get him unbanned!



23 Responses to “How Could He?”

  1. 😥

  2. i knew it all along! i new he did coin hacks. i asked him once and he said that he got all the money from cart surfer. that liar. hey superguy and not thrilled at all about earl3 but i think hackers deserved to be banned. thats just what i think. too bad for earl3 though.

  3. Uh Oh that is bad Earl3 will not be able to get unbanned because i talked to one of the ppl that worked at CP and they said that they cannot TAKE a bann away that is bad but you know he should of hacked.

  4. I Mean shouldnt of hacked lol

  5. guess what rantran you loser, i didnt coin hack. i had (basically) my whole igloo done before i got king cobra to getm me coins and i didnt hack coins with wpe pro, i did the cool dances, where the run in 1 place or they fly. that doesnt hurt anyone, now does it?

  6. doesn’t matter earl its still hacking. anyway i think i can help you get unbanned. im not sure what it is but i think you can email clubpenguin asking them their phone number. if you can get your parents to call cp telling them wait. oops you weren’t innocent. you were the one who was actualy hacking so thats your falt!! ha ha 😆

  7. anyway you should just make up a story

  8. Yeah I personally think Hacking isnt a good way to go. If you get in too deep, it can get really bad. Stick to getting money the easy way…and of course you can still do the glitches (like walking on walls) I do that all the time.

    Check out my new CP site! Its full of information!

  9. megansmars Says:

    tell me that igloo glitch plz!:o

  10. fuzzys1993 Says:

    wow when are we gonna do this

  11. ploimik2 Says:

    if any one sends me thei

  12. Dj Cod3 Says:

    has earl been unbanned yet?please tell me

  13. Navy Tiger Says:

    has he been unbanned yet?

  14. herochao Says:


  15. future racer Says:

    rantran i right he was hacking and thats not just bad its disrespecting

  16. dude u moonwalked a lot a lot and speech bubble hacked u got wut u deserved

  17. thats alfull

  18. mrnooner Says:


  19. mrnooner Says:


  20. Plush Redguy Says:

    i need him bak i wanna be his friend

  21. Plush Redguy Says:

    oh and the pictur made me a funny bann 😀

  22. Plush Redguy Says:

    i made it B)

  23. 😦 im very sad

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