Let Me Get Something Straight Here

OK. This is to the dumb person who hacked me and gets me a puffle and thinks i wouldnt notice. First off, I did notice. Second off, its just not cool at all hacking anyones account including nonmembers too. So the next time you hack me (dendo guy or lose tooth most likely). Any questions on this will have to be answered by the hacker which we have to look out for. If we could all help, I would like it if everyone tried to ask people daily if they ever tried to hack me. I’d really like it if people would stay OFF my user. That means everyone from any state, country or anything! I will also not be responsable for this puffle that was named icey. So to wrap this up, stay OFF my user or tell me YOUR pass so I can bann you when you give me a perma ban.


2 Responses to “Let Me Get Something Straight Here”

  1. snappyguy928 Says:

    ops i thought this wan a e-mail

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