Video Club Arrival Time

Ok. Here we go. I totoally forgot about the club today. Thanks to chocky junky. He reminded me. Video time arrival. If possible, please come at 8:45 A.M. Eastern Standard time.

Here is the place we meet. We will meet at the lighthouse at 8:45 in mammoth. PLease be there. It could be a goooood chance to be in the best movie of the year (which i kinda doubt because my videos sometimes seem low quality.


9 Responses to “Video Club Arrival Time”

  1. i dont get up until like 11 am – 2 pm!

  2. but you were up!

  3. oh wot time is it there now?
    im in uk and it is 14:00 now

    EDITORS COMMENT: Its 9:00 now.

  4. 5 hours difference
    ok with it then

  5. I think the reason people don’t always show up is that they sleep late on Sundays.

    Waddle on!

  6. sry i wasnt there cuz i was in atlantic city

    cya peeps!
    yo! 8)
    ~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉

  7. sry wasn’t there I had my friends party to go to and also no offence u should put the date on it 2!!!

  8. snappyguy928 Says:

    sorry I missed it i had homework

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