Club time and something else

Well, I was in the plaza this morning and Fuzzykiwie wanted to film. I said, I have the video club and you can join. He gave me the answers and i let him in. So welcome our new club member, Fuzzykiwie! I also noticed that we need some co-filmers and co-directors. Fuzzykiwie can be a co-director but if hes not here we need someone else. Also, if we can work this out, we need co-editors. So, you have to be in the club. Just comment if your in the club and you want to be something.

Meeting Times today: 9:00 A.M. Eastern Standard Time.

2 :00-2:30. P.M. Eastern Standard Time. Please be there!

And meet in the plaza!


16 Responses to “Club time and something else”

  1. Ill be editor i have made videos befor and i have windos movie maker i cant make it to the 9 o clock today but i cant make it around 12 ill do whatever you want sorrey i cant make to the 9. my email is just email me the video and some other info like what cam your using i use hyper cam 2 so im used to editong from that 1.

  2. ok thats fine. I use a webcam so I think it will work. And is there any file that you cant edit because I send videos as quicktime files.

  3. evrye one go to my site it is

  4. sure latle work

  5. dang it! no wonder! i 4got to go to ur site this morning so i didn’t kno the time! sry i wasn’t there but i would love to have a job or w/e it is

    yo! 8)
    ~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉

  6. can i be one and i need to join the club as well so can i do those things i am also in jh999 studios so i must be good if you don’t belive me look at

    Waddle on,

  7. hey arent you a ember already? Well anyway, what do you wanna be?

  8. ice it me penguin ill be the co-editor if thats ok

  9. hey ice
    coz im in the video club (i think :S) can i maybe create the igloos for it?

  10. my internet has also been down for like 2 weeks too thanks to sum1 tranna hack into our wireless.

  11. ok chocky i except and penguin i accept.

  12. yep plz Ice Survior

  13. ok superguy. what do you wanna be?

  14. plz i wanna be something pretty please with a cherry on top and whatever u want lol

  15. this is a GREAT cheat site!! really~~!

  16. friends?

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