Just a little something for the people that don’t know it.

Ok, one this is off the topic but i just saw bunnyboy123. To those of you that don’t now this! You better read this. lol. But when you go up to someone and they have a newspaper in front of them, don’t talk to them because most likely, they won’t answer.

Bunnyboy123- bunnyboy123.jpg

Reading the news. DO NOT DISTURB!- reading-the-news.jpg

This is what they’re reading. Not your words. news-ex.jpg


8 Responses to “Just a little something for the people that don’t know it.”

  1. hey ice..i asked billybob to be my friend

  2. i was just playing around

  3. ice…u on now?

  4. gossipgurl25 Says:

    Um, Bunnyboy123 once made a fake thread about popularity.
    He made himself 4th most popular penguin.
    Then I asked him where he made his chart, and gave me a fake URL.
    Then he said that he rated the chart on 60% participation, 40% niceness, and 20% member.
    Everyone can see that that equals 120%, not 100%.
    Bunnyboy123 made this to make himself look popular, but he got BUSTED!
    u no u heart me!

    Leader of CPR and SCPS 8)
    Visit http://holagurrl25.wordpress.com today!

  5. I no who hacked him but I am afraid I can’t tell! anyway, I tried to stop that person and that DUDE isn’t suppost to be on untill tomorrow cause he quit untill february and I was there remember.

  6. I need cheats!!

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