Video Arrival Time!

Remember, this is one of your last chances. Anyone who comes today will get to come next week. Anyone in the club that doesn’t, well I’ll think about that…


I’ll make it two times today. 11:00 A.M. Or, 2:30 P.M..

Go to the dock!


9 Responses to “Video Arrival Time!”

  1. Ploppy101 Says:

    Yey i’m the first one to make a comment!!!
    By the way i’m called Ploppy101 on Club Penguin and i’m a member!
    Ice Survivor u rock!!!!

  2. srry i cant go icesurvivor,someone banned me.:(

  3. really? Make a new user. Make the pass really hard like 5h4945y7r or something.

  4. bummer rosnail oh well

  5. i think im going to stop the video club, due to no one showing up. Ive been there for an hour. At 2:30, if no one is there i stopping the video club.

  6. superguy900 i was wondering if u could add me on clubpenguin

  7. rosnail i asked u so many times and u always say no

  8. hi its penguin i was wondering ice could you add me on clubpenguin

  9. i didn’t see this post til’ now…

    ~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉

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