New Admin!

Well, the reson i got a new admin asnt because i needed one. Its because superguy900 added me and asked me if i could add him. So welcome our new admin, superguy900!


9 Responses to “New Admin!”

  1. hey Ice survivor i know alot about pictures but how do u take a picture of 1 part not the whole thing like the player card plz respond

  2. you have to be on a mac. Press shift + Apple + 4. Then a cross should appear. Cover the part of the picture that you want holding the mouse down.

  3. Ok ice thats what i thought my cousin taught me that on her mac computer. so wen i want to do anything like that i guess i will have to be on her computer

  4. gossipgurl25 Says:

    Congradulations! (sc?)
    I’m going to check out your site, Superguy900.
    BTW, Ice, was meeting you a coincidink, or did you have a meeting yesterday?
    u no u heart me!

    Leader of CPR and SCPS 8)
    Visit today!

  5. can i be one of the admin of ur site also..if theres space for me…thks…for3v3r

  6. gg25 i go on thease 5 sites every day


    Somewhere else

    Waddle on, ~Superguy900

    Visit today!

  7. well ya it was a coincidink. Meeting is today.

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