Best Friend On CP Award!

This is my best friend on cp!



32 Responses to “Best Friend On CP Award!”

  1. hey lol i like this pic he is a cool person:)

  2. i have fuzzykiwie on my friends list! he tought me beacon glitches and coffee shop and stuff! bye!

  3. ice yd u take me off

  4. well i know he knows you. Oh and singasong4me. i delete the wrong person and it wqas you. We can be friends again!

  5. thx ill meet u somtime

  6. Hey ice heres my best friend list (no order excpept earl3 is my best friend of all of those)

    Ice Survivor

    Note i did not count the best friends i know outside of Cp who have penguins

  7. hey ice im depressed
    2 reasons
    my membership is expiring on the 15th
    and stupid wadles thinks ima spammer
    and deletes every one of my comments
    i just had to tell sum1

    i dont mind if u dont care

  8. this means i cant be in ur movie club

  9. you can still be in my club. You just wont be a member anymore.


  11. 👿 :red: 😀 :whistle:

  12. :zzz:

  13. cool try this quiz it is cool and hard

    Here’s a Quiz for You on

    CLICK on the link below or PASTE it into your browser.

  14. ice can u meet me somewere now

  15. Ice survivor can u make me a admin on your site……… i made u one on mine can i

  16. hey i saw fuzzykiwie just now..and now he is my friend too…yay

  17. ive seen fuzzykiwie before

  18. i thought i was ur best friend

  19. Fuzzykiwie is on my buddy list 🙂

  20. Hi Im back, i know i never told you this but i quit for like a year. Sadly Fuzzykiwie is permna banned so i will be on as Bbfuzzball94(nonmember) or Jhf12(member) I am usualy on Frozen mainly at the dock. I have lots of room to add lots of people. Also if you want to meet me on Runescape my account is Cutlass102 feel free to add me.

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