My First Quiz

Lol. Hi! I just made a quiz for cp. Its really stupid but could you try it? The link is this. Have fun!


7 Responses to “My First Quiz”

  1. 😀 yay! i was one of da choices for ur best friend on cp!

    ~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉

  2. lol. Dnt give one of the answers away. And that pretty obvious too.

  3. yay i was one of your answers i must be one of your pretty good friends 🙂 or 😦 view my site

  4. I wasn’t an answer! 😥 LOL. Cool quiz. Some of the questions were pretty hard, though…

    Waddle on!

    Visit today!

  5. o btw i got 60% lol

    ~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉

  6. lol. ya. I see that…

  7. hey ice here is one i made it is cool only 7 questions

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