My Igloo Is Finished

I have made a restarant with my igloo here it is. Lacrosse601 is in it


9 Responses to “My Igloo Is Finished”

  1. lacrosse601 Says:

    hey ice… ummm im not lacrosse604 im lacrosse601… tanks for postin the pic though… your really great… and weellll thanks. talk to ya later.

  2. lacrosse601 Says:

    lol its ok.

  3. ill change it. There! 😉

  4. lacrosse601 Says:

    thanks lol

  5. i don’t really like it that much im not saying that it’s bad it’s just that it’s not what i like that much 😕

  6. lol. you dont have to like it.

  7. who is lacrosse601

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