My Sigg

Hi! I just made a first sigg for my site. You can email me siggs of your ideas to me for my site. To send a pic/sigg, go to your email. Then, Get into a mailing page (the page your on when your mailing someone). Press on attach files. Then press browse. Find the picture you want and then click on it. Then it should be on the email. If it doesnt work, it may be because it isnt a


7 Responses to “My Sigg”

  1. hi ice im frist o yea

  2. lacrosse601 Says:

    hey ice… lookin for u in mammoth. your cheats and blog..watever is good. im lacrosse601 a guy. ttyl.

  3. lacrosse601 Says:

    by the way… wat the heck is a sigg.. is it that pic? if it is, could tell me how to do it?

  4. a sig is a signiture. Sig is short for signiture. To make one press alt prt scrn or shift apple 3

  5. lacrosse601 Says:

    ya how did u

  6. need a site and what a just said.

  7. i play clubpenguin it rocks

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