Another One Done!

Hi! I just did pinky 848’s playercard. Here it is! pinky-848-copy.jpg


27 Responses to “Another One Done!”

  1. ice can u do me?

  2. it can be done for anyone. Just email me you user and pass @

  3. its me Ompaloompa64

  4. add a link 2 my site

  5. cool dude click my name 4 my web i can get u some of them i got kings pass and a buch of others

  6. squgely was here

  7. squgely srry if i scared u Says:

    ice it squgely im gona haunt u forevr hehehehehe mwahahahahahaahahaahhahahahaha sooo…. ya ……
    beware in clubpenguin when u see me and to not be killed just scream squgely and u wwont die teh end cya l*tr

  8. Why does it say 58 Coins on my computer?

    Waddle on!

  9. because she has 58 coins.

  10. Hey ice its your buddy Superguy900 lets get a picture of me sometime

  11. ok just email me your user and pass and ill do it.

  12. yah wel i have 147 coinz put me on ur site plz plz plz plz plz plz.

  13. ICE

  14. plz if i can t iilll crryyy!

  15. ice put me on your blogroll

  16. Me and mY friend decided to team up so visit Our site Now


    December 21, 2006 at 8:03 pm | Posted By Mikachu25

  17. put ME on your blogroll. And no you cant be on the top because then my site will have no reasion to go onto.

  18. Aren’t you supposed to MAKE pinky848 money, not TAKE her money??

    Waddle on!

  19. yo yo yo yo yo im crazy jk im chillin wit brandon [ aka 7u7ryh7yik97] and tyla[ aka pt246 ] pce and if ice suvivor doesnt write to me then i cant ell him sumtin so pce

  20. i didnt take her money. She only askedme to put a pic up. I’ll only put you on mine if you put me on yours. and what you wanna tell me ipodkid.

  21. huh? well anyways ice survivor, u should post somethin new ya kno?

    ~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉

  22. GO TO


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