To The Dock!

All Video club memebrs go to trhe dock. We are getting ready for a video. The dock in mammoth. Evereyone to the dock in mammoth A.S.A.P. its 8:00 and time for a video.


9 Responses to “To The Dock!”

  1. How did you post those pics like that
    Mail me at

  2. hey no fair u deleted me why did u??? i thought we were freinds

  3. yo ice its me ratnsa wana be buds saw u today at the town click my name

  4. when will the next video be?

  5. ice, i told u i knew u from sumwhere and its ur blog. kool 🙂 ::): 😉 :;):

    i can reed ur mind ur thinking i cant reed ur mind.

    i dont like being a newb but

    will u be my buddy

    ~~~squgely~~~( remember i can reed ur mind

  6. lol. So thats what you were talkin about lol.


  8. and you other dudes can meet me there to

  9. stangman601 Says: it got games armys search teams and much much more

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