New Game

The new game thin ice is out. Its pretty cool . Come try it out at the dance lounge! I got up to 600 coins in it.



9 Responses to “New Game”

  1. put a pic o me on your site

  2. ice how u put pic on to ur site?i tell how 2 post videos

  3. look at the comment i did in the pic in little sneak. Thats how you do it. Then tell me how to put a video on my site.

  4. after u login press edit profile tan scroll down to the endu will see a faq press it
    tey will tell u how 2 put videos

  5. Find the video, click the link on the side of the screen.

    Click Embed HTML to get the code.

    Copy that code to something like Notepad. It looks like this:

    All you want is the url – the part in bold.

    Put the url in between like this

    and your video will work.

  6. I’ve received up 897 coins on thin ice I can solve all leveles but level 15. Can anyone help.

  7. noopenguin Says:

    hi catfam
    can do all levels but 16 (did u mean 16 cos no one can do it ?)
    If you can do 16 plz tell me and i will tell you 15

  8. surfgirl152 Says:

    how do u solve level 14

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