New Furniture

NO!!! the Snow items are out again. I had them in my time. I hate when furniture comes out again. Here it is…furniture-catalog-copy.jpg


6 Responses to “New Furniture”

  1. I absolutely LOVE the Ice Sculpture. I personally think that you’re lucky. You don’thave to buy the snow furniture again! (Lucky 😉 )

    Co-Investigator for the CPR 😀

  2. Well the thing is, if you want to get more attention, you have to have the old clothes and furniture. If that stuff comes out again, you cant be as popular. But as it is, all the stuff will come back…

  3. hi are there any hidden stuff??????????????

  4. yeah sorry about that.

  5. I like the ice sculpture alot, too! I really don’t like the rest of the furniture. The clumps on snow can come in handy, but they’re really not that decoraticive. ;(0)o
    the little ;(0)o is supposed to be a penguin! Someone e-mailed it to me. Anyone agree? Its Ok… I guess…

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