Furniture catalog

The new furniture catalog has come out and of course there is a hidden item in it. The hidden item is the BIG SCREEN T.V. To get it, go to the cooking page and click on the glass on the stove and a box will appear with a big screen in it.

The other way to get it is to click on any of the petals on the piano and you can also get a big screen.

HINT: If your wanting to buy it, get over 5,000 coins so you can buy atleast one.



16 Responses to “Furniture catalog”

  1. Im the first I knew that secret!

  2. that “secret” isnt really a secret anymore

  3. this is a site that tell secrets.

  4. theres another secret.. click on the fireplace’s wood for a metel fernace.

  5. thats some really good idvice thanx for everything! your really nice to come up with all of this stuff for all of thoses penguins out there! Love always Angel26574

  6. i know a cool secret, you go to your igloo click on the tape meseure then click on your self then go on your spy phone go to the hq then go to a members igloo! when your there (at the members igloo) you can move around their stuff!

  7. i hate this stupid thing

  8. on comment six, two people said that already.

  9. aqua stimpy Says:

    in the furniture catalog for december click on the fireplace wood to get that big fire thingy and it cost 700 coins

  10. aqua stimpy Says:

    play cart surfer for 400 coins a game repeat this pattern:down spacebar,space bar right or left arrow and so on

    EDITORS COMMENT: Yes its easy but i get like 150 more coins than you. I get 550 as an average.

  11. aqua stimpy Says:


  12. some random guy Says:

    Hi everyone,
    Club Penguins rocks!!!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    we are the wambulance coming to your wescue!

  14. i just need to no how to get red v hat for catalog

  15. um this is an old post…that item isnt even hidden anymore its out in the point umm i dont know

  16. its in the catalog now

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