New Game

Wanna find the new game? well its in the Agent H.Q. Go to the F.I.S.H. Guide. Go to section 3. Look in the part where it shows the tic-tac-toe code. Read that code and it says theres a new game.


62 Responses to “New Game”

  1. great… i hav red lots of cheats nd secrets on ths web nd thy ALL work.

  2. do you meen no probably not. And since this is the comment thing on the new game post. On astro barrier, which is located in the dance lounge. Enter the game. When the first screen comes up, not the first shoot screen but the first screen you see. Hit 1 to go to level ten, hit 2 to go to level 20, and hit 3 to go to level 30.

  3. narutoidontknow Says:

    who dosnt know that?

  4. New game?

    I dony find any new game!

  5. the new game isnt out yet.

  6. is the new game tic tac toe?

  7. wait where is the ski in g’s missionn to go fishing

  8. oh the ski. Its in the places where all the sled parts are. Look around. the ski is blue.

  9. there r no new game

  10. well look more and you will see that there is a new game.

  11. weres da new game

  12. the game isnt out yet

  13. it just says mollet likes eating fish more than worms!

  14. i know but. Whatever. I think theres going to be a new game.

  15. redhead259 Says:

    when new game comin out huh

  16. im not sure l0l.

  17. go to holagurrl25’s blog on my blogroll. It says something there.

  18. I got Mullet Likes Eating Fish More Than Worms!!!! I think thats just for Ice Fishing there will not be a new game…..I think….Sincerly,,,,12 Bros

  19. l0l im not sure either but im 50/50.

  20. Were are the cheats

  21. wombat queen Says:

    Errr, helloooo ppl… in the news it says that on Monday 18th December 2006 a new game will appear in the Dance Lounge (up the stairs in Nightclub) and it is called Thin Ice. It is currently in a big box and you can’t play it but on the day I told you above it will become accessable.

  22. see i was right there was a minigame.


  24. Cool Dude Pokemon64 Says:

    COOL!!! Is that ture billybob?

  25. it didnt say there was a new game can you please4 just tell me

  26. dedf

  27. wheres hola gurls thinger mabbober?????

  28. this is a great 8idia making clubpemnguin who argeres

  29. i know a secert

  30. but i have to tell you it tomarow

  31. because to day im going some where

  32. yo im spade 13 im so cool

  33. hi i have a golden puffle

  34. shut your face spade or els!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. geeks

  36. wats the new game,if someone knows…

  37. hey…i found out from my friend,on club penguin,that if u win the new game,Aqua Grabber,u get a free pinn at the end.I have it

  38. silly guys1 Says:


  39. its soooooo cool good huh

  40. i cant find any new game. what is it called

  41. i have the pin too

  42. sorry about the i cant find the pin post

  43. the tic tac toe one is not there

  44. This cheat dnt work!

  45. i found the new pin 😀 :X (A)(H)

  46. Anonymous Says:

    ya who doesnt know that

  47. what is the new game? when i read the tic tac toe code it just said the first pin was a clover!

  48. hi there,
    thats a very good cheat.

  49. Thats Was A Good One

  50. cool one anymus

  51. i cant find it

  52. i have a web site its funny pics of game i like blog spot make a account or go in if you have a blogspot account im 6 dont worry i know this my dads 41 my mums 40 i love them i hack! i do cheat engine im giveing you my person stuff so dont tell about this 🙂 😡

  53. heres my blog

  54. to make a emote press shift and ; and shift and 0 or shift and ; and shift and 9

  55. /happyface /sadface

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