Clothing catalog

clothing-catalog.JPG Click on the screenshot to see full thing.

The new December catalog has come out and there are some secret items.

  • viking helmet: click on top of the snowboarding helmet. Then, you will see viking hemet spelled out. Click on that and you get the viking helmet. Click 4 times and you get the blue viking helmet.
  • Ski goggles: Click on the hockey helmet. A box will appear with ski goggles in it.
  •  Quilted vest: Click on the pizza. The pizza is with the penguin in the pizza apron. After you click on the pizza, a box will appear with a quilted vest in it.

                     Ice Survivor   8)


18 Responses to “Clothing catalog”

  1. y r u 2 go there?

  2. nuggetballs Says:

    yo hoo here plays basket ball?
    im on the team the nuggetsballs. thats all i wanted to say bye

  3. I knew that already

  4. P.I.M.P= PAKI IS MY PRIDE, PAKIS RULE!!!!!!!!!!

  5. how do i get the clothes (on club penguin) that other people have but ar’nt in the catalog?

  6. how do i get clothes tha ar’nt in the catalog , but other people were them?

  7. they will come out later or they were out in holidays.

  8. I DIDNT DO THIS Says:

    Wow! i discovered where are the secret igloos, the small is on 1st page on the word Snow of Snow Globe,the big one is on the 6st page on the word storage, click on the S.thanks bye

  9. Magenta scarf is the only secret..

  10. hi luv yall whoop whoop!

  11. anyone have a penguin that have every everything

  12. popsmarts10 Says:

    Where is the star neckles. Everyone has it. Now I want it so plz tell me

  13. anisa890 Says:

    this website is a very nice site to look at

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